35 week catchup

Hi there!

This past week has been pretty busy for me between work, baby organizing, and a shoulder injury again. The joys of pregnancy and the hormone relaxin! If you’re not familiar, relaxin helps to get your body ready for baby by loosening the ligaments, muscles, and joints in your pelvis. It does it to all areas of your body though and doesn’t favor just the pelvis.  Seriously, I had no idea it would cause me to have such extreme pain in areas I had issues with pre-pregnancy. It’s made my life a living hell for the past 5 days and not much I can do about it. I made a last minute appointment with my acupuncturist yesterday (which I swear by!) and basically said PLEASE HELP ME. I’m hoping it feels better today. She worked pretty hard on the area and said it would feel worse first before it felt better. Oh boy…

I apologize for being gone the whole week, but when I wasn’t working I just wanted to catch up on a few baby things around the house, or catch up on being lazy while I still can. There were those few days I couldn’t move, and then I worked the entire weekend. I’m still recovering from those days and pretty exhausted. But today I sit and wait for our home warranty people to fix a giant hole in my ceiling they created due to a leak. Yeahhhhhh, FUN times. Exactly what we wanted just a few short weeks before baby girl arrives. Things could always be worse though, so a hole in the ceiling is just a bump along the way.

Baby girl and I have been doing pretty good. Yesterday was the first time Braxton Hicks contractions started for me. I’ve felt some irregular tightening and I’ve cramped since day one, but these were a little something more that made me breathe in and out. Not painful, but not exactly a breeze. Tony always gives me that look like “do we need to go anywhere”. Nope. Unless my water breaks or I’m in extreme pains of labor I’m sitting my butt right on this couch to let it pass. 35 weeks is that tricky point in pregnancy where if I’m contracting painfully, but not in labor, there is really nothing they can do about it (trust me I do this for a living). You either declare yourself or you go home. And well, she still has a little longer to cook thank you!

I really wanted to be one of those “dress the bump” cute pregnancy people, but I went for comfort this whole time. Granted, here I am at 6am going to work, but this is pretty much what I’ve lived in from the beginning. Nike gym shorts and a soft tee. I highly doubt those cute pregnant people on instagram live in maxi dresses, rompers, and high heels. I’m sure it’s a ‘lets take a picture and get back in my jammies’, but if they don’t, I honestly don’t know how they do it. Give me all the pajamas please!

Today while I’m waiting on my house to be fixed I plan on getting one of those huge pregnancy TO DOs off my list before she comes. PACK THE HOSPITAL BAG! My doctor told me last week that I should go home and do it and I was like “oh man, I guess it is that time, huh?”. I will do a post to show you guys what’s in my bag, but guess what!? It’s NOT going to be a crazy amount of things, or one of those Pinterest pins. I’ve never had a baby before, but it is my place of work and I promise you that you do not need 70% of what the internet gods tell you to pack. Actually you need nothing for labor in delivery, unless you want a specific gown, birthing ball, or something like that. Okay, maybe a few things, but the majority of the “simple things” you will need will be after you have the baby. I always over pack every place we go, but I really want to stick to my guns on this one because I know we won’t need a bunch of things.

That’s it for today. I have a bunch of pictures to share from my showers last week and a few pictures from my adventures with Sarah. They will be up this week. It just takes a little longer to get those type of posts together. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!



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