Phoebe Buffay

The star of my blog is not me, not even close. Phoebe Buffay, my miniature pomeranian is the one who steals the show. Whenever I meet readers, the first thing they mention is Phoebe. All my friends want a dog just like her, and the truth is there is absolutely no pup out there like Miss Buffay.

closeup phoebe

I’ve grown up with dogs around my whole life, in fact we even had a miniature pomeranian (Little Du) when I was a kid and of course I loved that dog dearly, but her personality was completely different from Phoebes.

I had planned on a dog for a while, but was afraid I wouldn’t have the time with my work schedule, especially working nights. One day I was just so sad, and I knew I was quitting that job, so I said oh well I’m just going to get a dog, she will be okay alone while I work nights just a few more weeks. It was by far the best decision of my life. I came across her picture online from a breeder in Southern Maryland and instantly I thought “that’s her”. She was gray and I didn’t want a gray pomeranian, but I didn’t care, I knew she was my “boo boo”.

gray phoebe

The day I went to pick up Phoebe, I almost didn’t. The breeder told me she was incredibly sick and drooling like crazy after a bath and I couldn’t come get her today. I was all ready to go, I had bought out PetSmart the night before waiting for her arrival.

store is sold out

I can remember being at the gas station when I got the call ready to fill up my tank for the long trip and I just cried my eyes out. I went to my parents house and they said don’t do it, she’s sick already you are going to have problems down the road. Well I got a phone call an hour later saying she was fine and I could come and get her. I had HUGE doubts, but I just had my heart set on her, so off I went with my dad to get her.

The drive was pretty long, about 2 and a half hours and when we arrived I walked in, saw a TEENY pomeranian walking alone and said oh my gosh that’s her and just picked her up. I didn’t ask, I barely said hello, I just grabbed my baby.

drooly girl

The whole way home she drooled. In fact she drooled for WEEKS. I was scared, I had her checked out, but it turns out it was just anxiety and adjustment issues. I promised her on the drive home I would give her the best life ever and we’d be best friends. Understatement of the year….

kisses girls

As far as her name goes, there really is no story to it. I had a list of names picked out including my top three: Josie, Penny, and Millie. I loved them all but NONE of them fit. I looked at her and said she is none of these! Then I was sitting on the couch with the little ball of energy and it hit me… she’s a Phoebe. Not only is she a Phoebe, but she is a Phoebe Buffay. I never even had this name in my mind, it just came to me in a snap. Whenever I was sad, I would turn on Friends at home. Phoebe on friends is full of life and just goofy and I knew my pom would be the same. G-Mama approved.

Bella loves her too
Bella loves her too


I ended up staying at my parents house for 2 days because I was scared to take her home alone. She was so tiny! I never took care of something on my own before. It was like having a new baby. When I finally did bring her home it was like a scene out of a movie. She was so small looking up at me, I looked down at her, there was silence and we both started crying. I laugh hysterically now thinking about this. We were both scared. I remember crying and saying “I don’t know what to do with you”. Then we took a tour of my apartment and she felt more at home!

Oh my goodness look at her here! She doesn't even look like a dog! So small
Oh my goodness look at her here! She doesn’t even look like a dog! So small


I will never forget the night I had Phoebe spayed. You would think I was never going to see her again I cried so hard. The night of her surgery was by far the worst night we had together. She cried all night. I felt helpless, and we laid on the floor together. I finally was able to force feed her kibble out of my hand at 3am. We didn’t sleep at all, I just pet her all night long to keep her calm.

She only carried the treat a little..
She only carried the treat a little..


Then later came the blow out. Pomeranians lose all their fur and grow a big beautiful adult coat. Well Phoebe looked like a mangy coyote and I wasn’t sure she would ever be a beautiful pomeranian. She sure fooled us all!

Legs for days
Legs for days
Looking out the sunroof
Looking out the sunroof- oh my gosh so BALD!


When I show you guys pictures of Phoebs, she is always happy and smiling. No I don’t take 50 of these and then find the one with her tongue hanging out. This is just how Phoebe is ALL THE TIME. She’s the happiest, sweetest, FUNNIEST dog I’ve ever been around. When my parents watched her for me when I went to Portland, they begged to keep her when I returned. She literally entertains 24/7. I sometimes wish I could share with you guys the real Phoebe because it is quite hysterical. I compare her to that little kid that is on the playground without a care in the world, just running free and laughing.

Phoebe tongue out

Run Phoebe Run!
Run Phoebe Run!


My mom often says “this dog thinks she’s human”, it’s true. She’s extremely smart, independent, and loves life. When she sees someone new she flips on the Phoebe charm and does a little booty walk as if she were saying “yeah I know I’m cute”. She doesn’t walk like a normal dog, she prances, and then hops like a bunny when she runs.

My heart <3
My heart <3


So here we are, my little puffball is a year old! Time flies. I cannot imagine my life without her. I know some people probably think I am OVER THE TOP about her, but I’ve never had anyone love me like Phoebe does. She adores her mama and the feelings are mutual! I wish everyone could have a Phoebe because she brings so much joy and laughter 🙂

Kisses for mama

So that’s her story!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,

-Minnie & Phoebe 

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