Bikini Competitions

Below you will find my posts regarding competing in bodybuilding bikini competitions. I wanted one central location where people could find my posts!

My announcement that I was competing. 9 weeks out with some progress pictures.

 My First Competition

My Second Competition

Just the pictures from show 2

What I ate during prep

In my e-book you will find 35 recipes I used during my 13 week prep. Everything from snacks to protein dishes. Also you will find a bit of my story as to why I wanted to hit the stage, and basic prep tips.

YEAR 2- the HUGE improvement

The Gladiator- My first NPC show. March 21, 2015


OCB Eastern Regionals , Show 2 of the Year. April 11, 2015


Hope this will give you some inspiration if you want to compete!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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