Clean Turkey Chili

More crock pot madness coming your way! Sorry if you are sick of these. It is just so convenient to throw everything in a pot and let it cook overnight or while you are away. It’s great for work days, and perfect for busy moms!

Crock Pots aren’t expensive, so I think you should invest in one ASAP to make your life a heck of a lot easier. I have been missing out all this time!

I bring a clean turkey chili to you today. It’s great for easy dinners, or to pack in lunches with more veggies. A great source of protein, and loaded with veggies and beans to supply your body with the fuel it needs for the day. Plus ground turkey has the good fats in it! I buy 93/7 ground turkey, not the 99% fat free. That stuff has zero taste!

For this recipe you will need:

-1 1/2 to 2 lbs lean ground turkey, 93-7
-1 1/2 cups of water
-3/4 cup of tomato sauce (no preservatives!)
-1/2 zucchini chopped
-1/3 cup of white onion chopped
-1 medium tomato chopped
-1 red bell pepper chopped
-1 small yellow bell pepper chopped
-16 ounces of red kidney beans
-4 ounces of black beans
-1 teaspoon of minced garlic
-1 Tablespoon of paprika
-1 Tablespoon of ground red cayenne pepper
-1 1/2 Tablespoons of chili powder
-1 Tablespoon of red pepper flakes

Start by chopping your veggies

I just love the color!
I just love the color!

Drain and rinse your beans

These are right out of the bag, not canned
These are right out of the bag, not canned

Add the beans to the crock pot, followed by the turkey meat, and the garlic

Beans, Meat, and Garlic
Beans, Meat, and Garlic

Top with your veggies and spices

Adding the veggies and spices!
Adding the veggies and spices!

Now add the tomato sauce and water

Combining everything
Combining everything

Mix it up, cover, and place on low for 7-8 hours.

Tick Tock Tick Tock…

Clean Turkey Chili
Clean Turkey Chili


Mmmmmm Chili!
Mmmmmm Chili!

Just look at this chili up close! It’s full of delicious veggies, and I just love the beans šŸ™‚ Since they are put in dry they are not mushy!

I had some bites, but it went right in the freezer for emergency dinners and lunches

I placed it in a container and popped in the freezer for future lunches and dinners
I placed it in a container and popped in the freezer for future lunches and dinners


Happy eating…

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Nicole

    I have to try to make some of these! The pictures are so helpful! They make it seem way more approachable

    1. Katie

      Yeah, when I would follow other blogs I loved the ones that had step by step pictures! One end picture does me no good!

  2. Chelsea

    How long do you cook this for?

    1. Chelsea

      Nevermind I found it! šŸ™‚

  3. Stacy

    I am on my way in the snow to buy the ingredients This seems perfect for today thanks also i added this to my diet dos on pinterest

    1. Katie

      yay! it’s perfect for snowy days

  4. Rachel

    Looks delicious! Making it today!

  5. Kaitlin Bowman

    How do you eat it back up after you freeze it?

  6. Viviana Torres

    Did u cook the beans first or did you hav the beans cooking along with the other stuff?

    1. Katie

      Nope, put them right in the crock pot uncooked

      1. Jennifer

        So the beans are not canned?

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