Tuesday Tears

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the short hiatus. As I mentioned last week, my best friend Sarah came into town for our baby shower, so the days leading up to it were filled with work and getting the rooms all squared away!

I’m happy to say the nursery is completely done 🙂 I plan on sharing it later when she is here and her name is revealed.

Last night was filled with a whole lot of tears for me. Sarah was here from Thursday afternoon to Monday evening and the time just flies every single time. We see each other about once a year and it definitely isn’t enough. I’m very fortunate enough to have a husband who is so wonderful and lets my best friend stay with us. Tony and Sarah, I love you both oh so much!

The girls absolutely LOVE their Aunt Sarah!

It’s hard to believe the next time we are in person, Tony and I will have a little one with us! Our time certainly isn’t that far off, and with each passing day I feel a mix of excitement and panic. Here’s a list of a few things running through my mind at any given time:

  1. How many diapers do we need?
  2. How many bottles do we need?
  3. Are we going to be good at this?
  4. Or will I panic and not know what to do with her?
  5. Do I have motherly instincts?
  6. Will Phoebe cry for weeks on end because of this drastic change?
  7. Will Hazel hide behind her favorite chair like she does when she’s scared?
  8. Am I going to stay awake and stare at her because I’m so afraid to fall asleep?
  9. Oh gosh I hope I don’t constantly feel the need to shake her awake like I do with the dogs sometimes because I think they stop breathing…
  10. Am I crazy?

The answer to the last one is yes. I feel like any first time mom has similar concerns. Maybe not the psycho dog mom ones, but I’m sure I’m not alone with the other things. I’m lucky to have Tony because he is a “go with the flow” kind of guy. He always tells me we will figure it out as we go, like any new parent. I can’t help but panic at the thought of being held responsible for such a tiny little being, but I wouldn’t want anything else in the world right now! We all are on pins and needles waiting for her arrival. She is so loved already 🙂

Speaking of love, Sunday was our baby shower and we felt the love all around from our family and friends. I’ll update more this week and show lots of pictures from the day, but for now here is one of my favorites from Sunday!

We both feel pretty lucky that most of our registry was bought. When we created it, I did a lot of research about items I wanted, even things a little on the pricier end, and I fully expected us to just buy them ourselves! Our family and friends were so generous and we could not be more thankful.

We pretty much have a few odds and ends of baby items we need, or just “bonus items” as I call them that weren’t must haves. It couldn’t have come at a better time with Prime day around the corner. It’s still going on today at Amazon if you want to hit up the baby sales, or even regular deals! (affiliate links included).

I ended up scoring two of these for grandparents houses.

I bought the greenish blue color though. You cannot beat $61 for a pack and play! 

I also picked up Diaper Genie refills 

A mirror for the car

And stroller hooks for ALL the heavy things.

I’m still on the lookout for the carrier I want, but we are being pretty picky about it since it took us a while to find the right one in the store!

I hope you guys can find more deals today. If you are having a hard time loading things (like me), try using Safari or Chrome on your phone instead of the Amazon app. I couldn’t get the app to work on my phone last night since Amazon crashed, but I had luck on my computer and browser on phone. A little more annoying, but worth it for the deals.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. I’ll be back with more soon!



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  1. Holly

    I had alot of fears too! This included having a good cry before going to the hospital because I was sad my dog wouldn’t be the only baby and would have to share me. But after we came home with our baby all those fears went away ❤️

    1. Katie

      I’m hoping the same happens to us!

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