11 Worst Foods You Can Eat

Since I’ve been stuck on the couch the past few days, I’ve been doing a lot of online reading. You know those Buzz Feed pages and websites that list the top 12 ways to do this and that…? Well I came across the 11 Worst Foods You Can Eat. You know I clicked right away. I was intrigued as to what was considered BAD and why and if I disagreed with any of it, and of course curiosity killed the cat wondering if I eat any of them 🙂

So here’s a list of the 11 worst foods you can eat:

  1. Bologna– no surprise here, loaded with sodium, artificial ingredients, and trans fats.
  2. Margarine– trans fats/hydrogenated oils
  3. Instant Noodle (Ramen)-deep fried in oil to create that long noodle, MSG, preservatives, and sodium in the flavor packets
  4. Whipped Cream (BUMMER)- basically this is a bunch of preservative fluff, I knew this, but it still makes me frown because it’s so good! I’ve made natural coconut whipped cream before and it was delicious! But not figure friendly if you eat the whole thing
  5. Popsicles– loaded with sugars, artificial colors and sweeteners
  6. Bagels (what!?)- high carbs, more than the body needs, refined with white flour- all of the vitamins and minerals have been processed out of them. Stick to whole wheat.
  7. Jelly Beans (phew.. don’t like these!)- artificial colors and flavors
  8. Mayo– just gobs of trans fats. Seriously if you don’t know mayo is bad for you I think we have a problem…
  9. Bacon– 60-80% of bacon is saturated fats. YIKES! It is also super high in cholesterol leading to heart disease and stroke.
  10. Hamburgers– Same deal here, bad fats, sodium, etc. Stick to a homemade turkey burger or lean ground beef where you control the ingredients.
  11. Hot Dogs (no surprise there)- We all saw this one coming right? Basically you are playing with fire ordering a hot dog. Hot dogs are American, but all the scraps of meat. As Forest Gump says “You never know what you’re gonna get!”

Honestly, I could think of better ones to top this list, but I guess they wanted to cover a bit of everything. I expected diet soda to be on the list because we all know the bad reputation that one gets. I also expected artifical sweeteners (maybe they do not consider this a food), more deli meat because of processed ingredients and sodium, and some kind of funnel cake/carnival fried disaster. Remember when Oprah had fried butter at the fair? Yikes!

Of course if you look at the list above you could easily make healthier options, maybe not 100% clean, but still the better choice. Just off the top of my head:

  1. Bologna- sliced turkey or chicken breast on a sandwhich
  2. Margarine- coconut oil
  3. Instant noodle- shirataki noodles, whole wheat noodles, or soba noodles
  4. Whipped cream- coconut whipped cream or even a dollop of greek yogurt instead
  5. Popsicles- make your own! Flavored fruit pops (freeze a smoothie)
  6. Bagels- ezekiel bread or english muffins
  7. Jellybeans- trail mix, or fruit like blueberries and grapes
  8. Mayo- veganaise, mustard, a little olive oil instead
  9. Bacon- turkey bacon
  10. Hamburger- turkey burgers, ground chicken burgers, black bean burgers, veggie burgers
  11. Hotdog- seitan, ground chicken or turkey sausages

See a swap for everything!


I’m hoping to get back to the grind today if I feel better. I know I shouldn’t push it and try to workout hard, but if I don’t stay active I go a little crazy. I hate when a sickness throws me off, both in my workouts and everyday work. I’m also making up hours on Friday now to support this bikini competition habit I have! That stuff isn’t cheap!

Have a great day and make healthier choices 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Hope you are feeling better!!! And I agree, I was hoping there would something other than the obvious on that list haha

    1. Katie

      Thanks Chelsea! This one is lingering wayyyyy too long!

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