4 Days of Nothing

Hi Friends,

I made it to this weekend. At the beginning of the week I completely forgot Monday is a holiday, so you can imagine my surprise when I heard someone talking about it at work. That’s 4 days off! 4 days of nothing πŸ™‚

Actually I do have a few small things planned, but nothing huge. Some much needed gym time and long overdue recipe brainstorming. Mama has to get her butt back in the kitchen!

Speaking of butts, since I started heavy lifting and REALLY focusing on leg day,Β mine has changed dramatically. I’ve said before I’ve always had a little “junk in my trunk”. I’ve never had a flat bum, even in my skinniest days it was always a little round, but it was nowhere near the ideal backside. I’m a woman, I have cellulite and issues like every one else. No one is perfect. HOWEVER, since I really started squatting I noticed a huge difference in my rear because it’s MUSCLE. It’s more round, perky, and has less cellulite. I realize this is probably TMI (too much information), but I know it’s mostly women that read this blog and hey we all want to know what it takes to get that beautiful booty.

With this said, I’m starting a little Beautiful Booty Booster Program. I’m going to start out with 1 month, maybe advance it to 2 (because I think 8 weeks is what it really takes to notice any change). This little program is designed to give that little perky bum we all want! Kind of like the Brazilian butt lift, but for free!

blue booty

I will be working on this for the next day or two so I can be up and running by September 1st! Please join me won’t you?


Yesterday I left work late. Don’t ask, I was not pleased. Here’s what you missed during my work days this week:

Some yummy breakfasts



eggs n sriracha



vampire hummus

The above picture is the hummus I talked about a few days ago. I call it Vampire Hummus click to find out why πŸ˜‰

And I also CRACKED at work. So much for 5 days coffee free…. yep definitely made it only one full day. Oh well.

crack coffee

It seems my work days revolve around food doesn’t it? Well my days in general revolve around food and when I can eat. Nothing new there. When I finish breakfast I think about lunch.

When I was finally done with my work week it was time to bring Miss Buffay back home! When we came back she ran around the apartment and sniffed everything to make sure it was all the same πŸ™‚ Under the couch she went in “her spot” just like Sheldon Cooper.

We also made a new healthy dessert! This is healthy fudge and vegan friendly too!

healthy vegan fudge

I should have the recipe up tomorrow. Super simple to make and very tasty! I have to add that as we were making this we definitely were jamming out to my Glee playlist. Nerd central, but I like singing along.

By midnight, mommy was not tired. Phoebe was. She kept crying to go to bed. Phoebe was very used to going to bed with Pop Pop all week. I caught her snuggled up in her bed (she never does this anymore).

snoozy pup

And now as I am typing this at… 12:15 am… she is currently in my lap snoozing. Baby girl missed mama!

But she also misses her Shelby, G-Mama, and Pop Pop πŸ™‚

It seems Miss Buffay is winning this battle for bed, she’s sneezing at me and kicking her back paws in my lap. That would be the signal that she is going to get her way…. ugh KIDS! πŸ˜‰

Have a FANTASTIC Friday!

–Time for us to say later. Be good, keep smiling :)–

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. amyt

    We are big Pitch Perfect fans at my house….constantly singing, and doing the moves – one of those things I cannot stop myself! I heart that movie.

  2. tam

    Hi! I will definitely be joining you on building up the butt, flat bottoms run in our family so it takes more work to see any real change. Look forward to seeing your workouts! The fudge looks amazing, can’t wait for the recipe.
    Phoebe looks so cute in her cushion, bless her! Have good weekend! Tam x

    1. Katie

      Yay! Big beautiful booty here we come lol

  3. Juli

    Beautiful Booty Booster sounds perfect! I’ll be game definitely! Less cellulite here I come πŸ™‚
    I never thought about adding spinach to my hummus. Great idea. I’ll give it a try for sure! Enjoy your days off!

    1. Katie

      yes it’s a great way to sneak in that extra nutrient boost!

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