7 Day Detox Drink

After a million questions and e-mails let me start by saying YES YOU EAT WITH THIS!

DO NOT drink only the water please. Please be responsible. Eat healthy and drink this too šŸ™‚


Thanks to Jillian Michaels for this lovely little detox recipe. It’s not exact, but pretty close to it. I tweaked a tad.

Why am I detoxing? Well the extreme clean eating has made me feel like a balloon. Too much fiber! My system needs major recovery time. So instead of just water and green tea, I need something to help me out. This little drink helps get rid of all the toxins and bloat! And boy do I need a de-bloating. I feel like a balloon ready to be untied. Let me flap away in the air please!

This drink is mostly water. You drink 60 ounces a day for 7 days. That’s really not that hard to do if you think about it! It’s about half a gallon. I could down that right after a workout no problem!

For this recipe you will need:Ā 

-60 ounces of natural spring water
-2 Tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
-1 Tablespoon of sugar free cranberry juice
-1 detox teabag that includes dandelion root and licorice root (the key to getting rid of bloat!)

I use a gallon of water so I have a two day supply. Drink a couple ounces first so there is room for the other stuff!

Big thing of water :)
Big thing of water šŸ™‚

Add the lemon juice

Make sure it's fresh!
Make sure it’s fresh!

Then the cranberry juice

Sugar Free. You can find the light versions or "diet"
Sugar Free. You can find the light versions or “diet”

Prepare your teabag

I love Yogi tea. This is the kind I bought
I love Yogi tea. This is the kind I bought
My favorite coffee mug. Bella's picture is on the other side!
My favorite coffee mug. Bella’s picture is on the other side!

These Yogi teas have little inspiring sayings on the tags šŸ™‚

Love this
Love this

Pour the tea in the water

I realize these are foolish instructions, but I like to blog.
I realize these are foolish instructions, but I like to do it anyway šŸ˜‰

Give it a good shake!

60 ounces for 7 days!
60 ounces for 7 days!- Makes 2 servings
It tastes really good too!
It tastes really good too!

Happy drinking…

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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    1. shevaughnda

      Do you have refrigerate it?!!!

      1. Katie

        You should yes, because of the cranberry

  1. Marcia

    This drink looks really good and I want to try it. Are there any side effects?

    1. Katie

      Nope! It’s mostly water so it’s good for you! It does not supplement any meals though. You need to eat

    2. Deserae (VeggieTrainy)

      I am wondering , Is this the only thing that I would have to put in my system (what am I allowed to eat, or drink along with this detox ) just out of curiosity

      1. Katie

        Nooooo please eat! It just is flushing you out some! Eat healthy though šŸ™‚

  2. Amber

    Does the drink make you (go) to the bathroom and I don’t mean pee lol also where can I find the tea ?

    1. Katie

      You can find the tea at any health food store, whole foods, MOST grocery stores carry yogi tea now!!!

      And it should make u go. Lots of water actually helps bowel movements

  3. Kellie

    Do you eat during this detox or just drink?

    1. Katie

      No you have to eat!!!!!!!!! You would starve!

  4. Chrissy

    Do you have to do a regular workout for this to take its effect on the de-bloating?

    1. Katie

      Of course it helps to workout, I do my regular routine. But it still should work if you don’t workout šŸ™‚

  5. Mary Musumeci

    What could I expect for weight loss if I do this for 2 weeks. Also does the drink curb your appetite

    1. Katie

      This is really just to “de bloat”. You are NOT substituting this for food. You might drop 2 lbs or so each week because of water weight though. But it won’t stay off because it’s just water weight.

  6. Mary Musumeci

    I purchased the tea but it does not have Detox on it. Can I still use it. Also is there a juice substitute Thanks

  7. Dawn Olton

    What are some foods I can eat to lose weight during the detox?

    1. Katie

      Well you want to eat a normal healthy diet regardless of doing the detox. Lots of green veggies!!! Apples are also a detox food šŸ™‚

  8. Julie hall

    Silly question, am I supposed to drink all the 60 oz. in one day or spread it out over the 7 day period? I have never done a detox before, obviously huh?

  9. Sheri

    Not foolish instructions! I almost boiled a gallon of water! Sometimes you just need someone to make it simple for you. šŸ™‚ thanks for doing that!

    1. Katie

      Hahaha no big deal. Boiling wouldn’t have done any harm. Just maybe waste ur time a little!

  10. lexi

    How long are you suppose to drink the detox drink? Like can I drink it week after week? I’ve never done this so im not sure!

    1. Katie

      You can repeat it, because it’s mostly just water. I stick to one week if I do it. Might just make you pee a lot!

  11. Lilly Abraham

    I just started the detox. Would it be beneficial if I tweaked it by mixing another detox recipe such as adding grapefruit, ginger, cucumbers etc to this drink mixture (Dr. Oz) ??

  12. Teighan Kyle

    I don’t have enough room in my fridge and am on the road all day and was wondering if this drink would work if I made it in a 800ml drink bottle and just re-topped
    The water before I finish it and keep the tea bag in the whole time? If this doesn’t sound like something that would work do you have any other suggestions for me? Thank you. šŸ™‚

    1. Katie

      The problem is you won’t have the other ingredients each time. You could either make several bottles of it and just divide, OR do what you said and you will just be flushing with water. Water works too, a diuretic. That’s why when I bloat I drink a gallon a day to flush everything out.

  13. Josephine

    If you said you had 60 ounces for 7 days does that mean you only drank some once a day?

      1. jason

        u get tired of all these clueless people?

  14. Lorena Z

    If I do this, do we need to keep hydrated or is this all we drink?
    Congrats on your changes!

    1. Katie

      Since it is a lot of water, it will hydrate you. I typically drink close to a gallon of water a day, so drink up as you please! šŸ˜€

  15. sasha

    Can you substitute the cranberry juice? I have the sugar free cherry juice…

  16. Kate

    Just want to say that I tried this and LOVE it. Not only does it taste delicious, but my bloating has gone way down. I’ve lost 3lbs since Monday (it’s Thursday now), but I also stick to a diet around 1300 calories (I don’t count veggies in those calories because I’ve never heard of anyone who’s gotten fat from eating plenty of vegetables) and work out every day. Also, stay away from salty foods during this cleanse as it can increase bloat.

    1. Katie

      YAY KATE! I’m glad you had success!!!!! Water weight be gone šŸ˜€

  17. Leisa

    so if you use a gallon jug do u have to double up the indredients?

  18. bri

    does it have to be distilled or spring water?

  19. Ava

    Thanks for the step by step. šŸ™‚

  20. Bianca Anzaldua

    Are you suppose to boil the tea?

    1. Katie

      yes I make the tea hot first

  21. Chloe

    I just had a detox teabag from slendertoxtea yesterday, and all night I had abdominal pain and a stomach ache. It was very painful, what was I doing wrong and should I keep going ? If I try this, will it do the same thing?

  22. Tara

    I was wondering if you need the detox tea to make this?

    1. Katie

      It would be best yes, but you can substitute licorice root tea or dandelion root tea. They are detoxing teas

  23. amandeep

    i get keri brand cranberry juice….its come with sugar..so could u plz tell me from where i can get real cranberry juice….plz suggest me any brand..thnk u

  24. Cynthia

    I see you mix everything in your water jug. Did you empty some out? Did you just have the 60 oz. of water? Trying this mixture tonight!

  25. Cynthia

    Oh sorry! I reread and see you said you drink some and make a 2 day supply!

  26. Silanid

    You do have regular bowl movement if using this detox water regularly

  27. Sabrina

    Hello I came across your blog and I’m so excited to try this. I have extremes bloating since I started working out. So I was wondering when I do this clense should I substitute this for regular water every day?

    1. Katie

      Yes, because it’s mostly water. If you want more water certainly drink that too!

      1. Niki

        I’m considering doing this detox and this might be a silly question, but if I purchase a galloon of water, I would double up on the ingredients, correct? Also, would it just be one teabag in that case or two?

        1. Katie

          Yes, double everything.

  28. Caitlin

    hi do you have to boil the tea or can you just put the two tea bag into the gallons and let it sit over night ?

    1. Caitlin

      Also is it bad to drink an entire gallon a day?

      1. Katie

        Nope, I drink a gallon a lot of times.

    2. Katie

      You can let it sit if you prefer!

  29. Eboni

    So you said for a gallon jug to double everything right? If I drink a gallon a day would I still need to drink this mixture for 7 days?

  30. Malia

    So I normally have just one cup of coffee in the morning (about 12 oz) and then water the rest of the day. Should I eliminate all other drinks and only drink this and water for the 7 days?

    1. Katie

      No drink your coffee as usual!

  31. marisa

    so i was scrolling through all the comments, im very interested in doing this detox but got confused. Are the measurements listed enough for a gallon jug of water, because i saw in a different comment someone asked if they must double up ingredients if using a gallon & replyed as they should double up measurements?

    1. Katie

      I’m sorry for the confusion. When I make with a gallon jug I double all the ingredients. So in the pictures I’m adding more than the recipe states because I’m showing a gallon jug. I will clarify in my post. Thanks for the comment!!!

  32. Mariah Springer

    What food would totally just defeat the purpose of this cleanse directly?

    1. Katie

      I would avoid alcohol, anything processed with chemicals, etc. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to stay away from dairy too.

  33. Savannah

    I’m allergic to lemon, can I use something else as a replacement?

    1. Katie

      Are you allergic to all citrus? Lime included? If not use that

  34. viviana

    i would love to try this so basically drink half a gallon a day?

  35. Cleo

    Hi Katie-
    If I made a gallon and doubled the ingredients, if I happen to drink that whole gallon in one day, is that ok or I should only drink 60 ounces of it all regardless?

    1. Katie

      No you can def drink the whole gallon! I usually do!

  36. Renae

    If the weight returns because it’s just h2o, then does that mean the bloating returns as well? So this has to be a constant part of your diet

  37. Sharmaine

    Can u drink coffee while taking it

  38. Kat

    Ok so I’ve been having a lot of bloating since my doctor has me on this new diet for my lupus.. And don’t have normal bowel movements so I’d love to try this detox out… But I can barley get my self to drink 3 bottles or water a day… So I don’t see my self drinking half a gallon in one day… Is there anything I can do to help myself want to drink more. I’m not a thirsty person normally….

  39. Lisa

    Sounds good can I use another brand of tea or you recomment to use this one !! Also, Can I repeat another 7 days with same drink or I should stop to give it a rest.

    1. Katie

      You can use any brand! You can continue if you choose, just make sure you are eating properly šŸ™‚

  40. Laura Pence

    hi! could I use two tea bags? or would that be too much tea lol

  41. Teresa

    Finally somebody explain it right how to make this damn thing thank you

  42. Teresa

    About time somebody explain how to make this drink thank you so much

  43. Lyn

    Can you add fresh ginger to this detox?

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