A Little Bit of Torture

Good Morning.

Welcome to Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday, at least it’s one step closer to Friday?
My recent discovery of finding a way to make cardio more enjoyable is distraction. Previously I could bang out an hour on the step mill no problems. Now I’m a clock watcher. How do I make the time go by faster? Well technology of course. The day before yesterday I was scrolling my Facebook page and saw there was an alternate ending to the How I Met Your Mother finale. I watched 5 minutes of that and it felt like 30 seconds, so then I started watching project runway. Before I knew it my 35 minutes had passed.
Seriously what did we do before phones?
Last night I endured the ultimate torture. I watched Food Network while on the stepmill. Crazy right? Probably. There’s something satisfying to me about watching someone else be able to eat that burger and fries.


Seriously at one point I thought I was sweating… NOPE full on drool. And I started making “uhhh” noises. Kind of like “uhhh so good!”


Hey give me one of those fries!


I thank you Ree Drummond for the entertainment.

Do you remember when she tweeted me? AMAZING!


I told her I was making my girlfriends almond butter for a Christmas gift. Ree approved 🙂
Anyway it was leg day, and previously I wouldn’t do cardio on leg days, but since I’m leaning out I have no other choice. The cardio needs to be done no matter what the day is. I’m past the building stage anway. I’ve also had to rearrange my lifting schedule quite a bit to move into 2 a week leg days. Let the torture begin!


Although I come out looking like this…. Pretty darn tired.

Yesterday I had posted about the stuffed peppers I threw together. It was left over shredded chicken and my spinach mixture, topped with soy cheese. I had one at work at let me tell you… if that’s a thrown together dish I’ll take it any day! There was SOMETHING about it that reminded me of a crabcake. I guess the shredded chicken and turmeric in the spinach made the combo. I highly suggest it, I’m already planning to make more! What took me so long?

I’m also happy to report both pups are now eating the “Phoebe diet”. Basically none of those heavy store bought treats, we are giving them probiotics, and special prescription dog food. Phoebe does good when I make sure to give her the reflux medication, but now my parents dog Shelby is a completely different dog! Shelby would pant a lot, not want to walk or be held, and would never play. My parents changed her diet and VOILA! Shelby is jumping around, playing with toys, and wants to go for walks. Mind you Shelby is a young dog, only 3. Poor little thing just had stomach issues. I’m so happy it’s now under control. See even a change in a dogs diet can change every thing! It’s not just people  😉
That’s it for today. Bring it Tuesday!
XOXO With a Cherry On Top,

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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    I often wonder the same thing when I’m running on the treadmill while watching tv, how would I do this without distracting myself??? I probably wouldn’t do it haha. Glad to hear the pups are both doing so good! It’s crazy how much it matters which dog food you give a dog, but they are like us and need the good wholesome stuff. A dog I watch was having seizures really bad, and the vet told the owner to get the all natural one. It costs a whole lot more, but his seizures have gone down A LOT.

  2. tam

    Happy to hear the dogs are doing well, strange how diet can effect all of us. I too need distractions on the cardio machines otherwise I’m just bored. I usually listen to the radio or a radio podcast. All the best Tam 🙂

  3. amyt

    I always watch food network while I do cardio….it’s usually chopped ( I love that show!)

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