Back For Real

Hello everyone!

Again, I’m sorry for the silence, and sorry for the little one liner yesterday. Like I said, work has been pretty tough on me lately. A lot of people do not realize, unlike a lot of bloggers, that yes I do have a real full time job that has nothing to do with fitness. I’m not bashing those bloggers out there that do that, heck I wish I could! Medicine, especially surgery, is a tough road. I was pretty close to ending up like Ross on Friends when someone steals his sandwich and they send him on sabbatical…


ANYWAY! Now that I’ve calmed the heck down, I’m hopefully getting back into my normal routine.

Next week I plan on going back to clean eating ways. Sorry guys, IIFYM (if it fits your macros) just didn’t work for me. I refuse to continue to sacrifice my lifestyle to continue a 30 day experiment that I wasn’t too keen on in the first place. I tried it, I didn’t like it, and that’s that. Now if you are a follower of IIFYM, good for you! My prediction was right on though. I have no self control. 


I can’t have one little chocolate. 

I can’t have one little oreo.

Once I get a taste… I’m done for. 

So I started to go down the sugar spiral I followed post- competition. 

I’m up in weight. 

My skin SUCKS. 

And I feel crappy. 



You can’t tell here because I cover it with makeup and a few tricks. 

So bye bye IIFYM. It wasn’t for me… Now can a girl get some egg whites and sweet potatoes please? 😉

Yesterday in the gym I did cardio and glutes. I didn’t do too much lifting because like I said I’ve just felt BLAH overall.

However I did my normal kick backs, overhead squats, pelvic thrusts, and added in squats with an overhead kettle bell press.

Similar to this but my stance is wider! I do 12 on each side, back to back x 3 sets. Alternated with 16 lunges. Heart rate through the roof!

I know once I get my diet back in check and I’m a little less stressed things will get better. Here’s the thing about Skinny Minnie. I’m either ALL or NOTHING. When I’m strict… I’m super strict. When I’m not, I flake BAD. So when you see me deep in competition prep and think to yourself wow she needs to give herself a break. I can’t. I know once I give myself a little chill out period, it’s hard for me to get back in the swing of things. So strict it is!

I’ve just learned what works for me. This is not to say this would be the same case for you. It’s important to learn your body, your feelings, and figure out what you want in life 🙂

Speaking of what I want… I wanted a Michael Kors bag to go with these cute little booties I bought last week.


and because I have the best Dad in the world, he said go ahead and pick out a matching bag. My treat.


Seriously isn’t he the best? And ya know a gal has to have the MK matching wallet!

Beauties 🙂

Thanks Dad! Love you!

And thanks to G-Mama for this scarf she gave me a while back. I forgot I had it. It’s finally scarf season and I whipped it out 🙂


Today I hit the land of shoulders on my day off and then I have a fun Friday night planned. I’ll be back Monday.

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


P.S. If you have e-mailed me or purchased a meal plan, I will get back to you by tomorrow at the latest!

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  1. Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    Girl, you are a rockstar for fitting in all you do! Props!

  2. Chelsea @ Raw N' Toned

    I really hope things start to get better for you at work! Working and blogging { and for me school as well } is definitely a hard thing, it’s something I struggle with all the time! And just when I think I have a good balance I always start to run behind haha.

    1. Katie

      Thanks Chelsea! I know I struggle with balancing everything. Props to those that have families too. I don’t know how I’d do it!

  3. Constanze

    I have this wallet too, and I adore it! ♥

    1. Katie

      I haven’t even used it yet! Ahhhhh

  4. Tamara

    You and I have a similarity: I can’t deviate, even a little bit, from my food promises, or I will go crazy and eat everything in sight.

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