Building a Bikini Booty

Hi guys!

So here’s THE DEAL.

Wow I sound super official right now… it’s not that serious…

As I told you on Thursday, I have some more shows lined up. The one next Saturday things won’t change much, just more fun and round 2. My body will not make any dramatic changes, I’m just hoping to get rid of this bloat I’ve developed from a few treats this past Sunday (yep, it’s still there!). I guess it was a shock to my system and my body was like hey what’s this!? SUGAR? CARBS? We like it and we are going to make it stick around for a while… body FAIL!


Hoping to get it back by next week!

Good news is that I’m weighing in around the same that I was 1 week out… (well 0.4 lbs less- hey I’ll take that 0.4!).  I dropped between 5-7 pounds of water peak week, yes you read that right! And no I didn’t do anything drastic, just SUPER strict and clean diet without sodium, workout powders, no water mix ins-just plain old water, and some old fashioned carb depleting before the show. I was eating plain tilapia and asparagus every 2 hours, tons of water, and kept my body fueled. I wasn’t even hungry. And frankly this is why I am having such a hard time with round 2 again. I can’t even look at tilapia without wanting to throw it at the wall.

Now that I’ve gotten 100% off track from the point of this blog post…

The plan for me between now and October (next OCB show) is to build a better booty and hamstrings. I noticed in my pictures it looked a little flat from the side, that’s what happens when you lean out!


Also I want to build my shoulders up more to create the illusion of a smaller waist. My shoulders were one of my best assets and with leaning out, I lost a lot of my bulk. I’m not sure how I am going to do this yet and try to maintain lean, but it’s all a learning process. I plan on doing a lot of research between now and then to make it happen. Might have to resort to the old “bulking bro”. Which means putting on some weight “eat to grow”, then shedding it for prep.

Yesterdays gym session focused on building a better bikini booty. I think I have a good base, you can see how hard I’ve worked from this curtsy pose:


But I’d like to make it even better! Here’s my booty workout from yesterday to make that happen:

  • 10 minute step mill warm up
  • Squat session– 15 Sumo squats with barbell, 15 narrow squats with barbell (holding bar in front)-REPEAT 4 times.  Side hack squats on machine, 10 reps x 3 sets
  • Plyos session– 10 bosu burpees, 10 lunges on bosu flat top (each leg), jumping plie squats, 20 second wall sit, 30 lateral lunge jumps, 10 mountain climbers on bosu, plank on flat top of bosu with 10 alternating leg lifts. REPEAT 3 TIMES!
  • Lunge session- 20 curtsy lunges with weights, 10 same leg lunges (no weights). REPEAT 3 times!
  • 15 minutes step mill
  • Cable/Hammies session- 12 cable kick backs each leg, 12 hip abductions on cables each leg. REPEAT 3 times! Standing hamstring curl, 10 reps x 2 sets each leg


One of my all time favorite songs to workout to is “Don’t Cha” by the Pussy Cat Dolls. 

I did finish with a little more cardio because it’s almost peak week again! But if I wasn’t prepping, my cardio would be done 😉


-From a snap chat I sent! 🙂 Only gym picture I took, I forgot, I was too in the zone!

At home I made my favorite protein for dinner, bison steaks. They are so yummy! I found this new coconut oil at Wegman’s and had to try it.


I’m a garlic lover from WAY back thanks to G-Mama. We put garlic in pretty much everything! This smells incredible and is great for cooking. You get the benefits of the coconut oil and the garlic infusion in one. Side note: Did you know those “spray cans” of oils have 475-700 servings a can? Yeah me neither until I looked at the back of it… the serving size is 1/4th of a second! Who sprays for 1/4th of a second? I know I’m at least a few seconds spraying a pan, so I’m probably adding quite a bit of calories to my dishes without knowing it. To fix this I just pour a little bit of this on a napkin and smooth it over my pan or protein. WAY LESS calories that way! 

And here’s some good news to end today. Turns out I might l be getting more medals sent my way. Basically the show was a bit of a cluster for bikini girls. Rules state when there are over 10 girls in a class it HAS TO BE split by height. We were not. I was against 30 girls in one category, hence my excitement of still placing 4th and 5th. The show promoter apologized for doing this. Yes, I’m a little upset that I put in 13 weeks of hard work to be judged in an unfair way. I worked my little tail off and deserved a fair chance at placement, as did my teammates. Looking back at pictures based on height, I would’ve placed 2nd in novice, 4th in debut.I’ll take the apology for sure! But it would’ve been nice to actually have my true placement in the moment.  I guess no show is perfect though, and I thank the promoters for recognizing this problem and trying to make amends for this mix up 🙂


For those interested in where my next show will be here’s the information!


Pretty sure pre-judging starts at 9am (early this time!) so hopefully I’ll be getting home at a reasonable hour since it’s a longer hike for me this time. 1 week out! Eek 😀

XOXO With a Cherry on Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Congrats on placing higher than you thought! And I hope for the next show, they separate you guys a lot sooner!! And I’m sure you’ll loose the bloat, it just may take a little bit 🙂 I just can’t believe the next show is so soon!! Super exciting though 🙂

  2. Heather

    I just stumbled on your blog recently and I love reading about your competition – so inspirational! Sorry if you’ve already answered this, but are you working with a trainer or just teaching yourself as you go?

    1. Katie

      I have a posing coach only. Nutrition and training was 100% me!!! But I’ve been lifting consistently for 2 years

  3. Heather

    Wow that’s awesome! I thought about trying a competition a few years back and the thought of posing (especially in those heels!) was the scariest part!

    Pretty soon you may be the one coaching people!

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