Heavy is the New Light

Good Morning gang,

I’m officially back on prep and while I am not going to crazy extremes with my diet yet (still enjoying a little creamer and quest bars for now), I’m already starting to feel like…

Well a BADASS!


Last time I did this, I was completely solo with training and nutrition. I did well on it obviously, but I have different goals this time. I was so focused on LEAN LEAN LEAN that some of my muscle went down the drain. So about 2 weeks ago I was at the gym and my friend said to me “what are you working today”, when I replied chest and triceps he said “I’ll kill your chest if you ever want to work out with me”. It was before my vacation, I had the time, so I said “lets go”.

Fast forward to 2 weeks later and I’ve trained with him every day.

And like I said, I now feel like a badass.


I’m lifting things WAY heavier than I ever have before since I have the spotter. I work till fatigue and he pushes me on the extra rep or two. All mental! Mind over matter they say. He’s also taught me a lot of great things including working the negative on an exercise. Yes the pump is important, but bringing the weight back down is more important, that’s where you see changes! Sometimes when I’m fatigued I’m a weight dropper, well apparently that’s a huge no-no.

20140707-213907.jpg 20140707-213950.jpg

So what’s the goal? Shoulders and booty. That’s what bikini is about. Of course I’m working all the major muscle groups, but pushing extra hard on those days.

Even starting to see a little quad separation (which has NEVER happened before).


Squint hard… it’s there 😉

I am 15 and 17 weeks out from my shows and each lift counts! I’m so determined to get my body to a new level this time. Not just Skinny Minnie, STRONG Skinny Minnie.  I’ve taken my first set of progress pictures and it makes me a little disappointed that I didn’t put on 5 lbs or so and build muscle on top of it, I’ve put on a good 15, but I was SO tiny that I now just look “healthy” so to speak. I think for a first show it’s pretty normal to get super small because it’s all about being lean and I hadn’t really built the muscle to back it up. Well watch out because it’s time to do that 🙂

OH and did I mention he has me on only 3 days of cardio a week!? AND I AGREED TO IT! Okay, well maybe I was seen stomping my feet in the gym and causing a scene, but again I’m trusting him and this process. It’s easier to lean out when you have more muscle built up.


Oh cardio equipment… I will see you again soon on Thursday 🙁

Besides gym stuff, my life has been pretty low key since I lived it up on vacation. Phoebe and I stayed in for the 4th and she was pretty terrified of the fireworks.


Work has been… well work, especially yesterday being in the OR all day long. When I finished my cases it was almost time to leave and I was beat.


Luckily I got a second wind for the gym. No quitting time is in my future!

Today I leave you with a side by side of Phoebe and I. Why? Well because we are really starting to look alike.


Face and eye scrunched in the same direction and all. Twinsies!

Have a terrific Tuesday 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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  1. Karen

    Your arms look amazing! I’m so inspired!!

  2. Catherine

    Lookin good, girl! Keep up the hard work; those quads are coming!!!!!!

  3. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Ahahahaha love the comparison of you and Phoebe!! And seriously, this is going to be a great upcoming show, I can feel it, You’re going to do so well!!

    1. Katie

      Thank you Chelsea! I’ve been having ups and downs with my feelings because of weight gain, but I KNOW it’s for a good cause!

  4. Maisie

    You look so strong!!! Cannot wait to see you show ready!

    1. Katie

      Thank you! Coaches orders are to stay covered on my blog for the next month or so while we build lol. Then reveal when shredding happens… I’m like uhhhh you do realize I selfie every minute or so and I post EVERYTHING on my blog? He doesn’t get it. ha!

  5. Laurie

    Your arms look so good! I love that light pink and grey top you’re wearing – is that from Lululemon?

    1. Katie

      You guessed it! It’s about 2 seasons old though. Every time I wear it I get stopped all day!

  6. Amy @ Dusty's Sister

    Love checking out your prep progress! Go big or go home! I have a feeling you’re going to kill it!

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