It’s Friday & I’m Not Home

Need I say more? I have been EXTREMELY spoiled having Fridays off. I absolutely love being one of those annoying people who says “I’m off on Fridays”. You know those people, we ALL know one. I feel like I have earned my status as one of those people since I used to work Friday NIGHTS in labor and delivery, talk about torture. Even though I say I’m off, you will never hear me say “It’s my Friday” when Thursday rolls around. That phrase makes me cringe, not sure why. I think I just always thought it sounded very rude to people who were slaving away at work. I guess I’m a hard shell on the outside but a softy on the inside 😉

Yesterday I didn’t go to the gym, I didn’t take a single picture, I barely did anything besides work. It seems that Terrible Tuesday shifted to Thursday this week. I was busy all day seeing surgery consults and taking care of patients. Not the good kind of busy either, the kind where you say okay is it time to go? Then even when it is your time to go you have to finish up what you started. I left angry, not relieved.

So even though I am working today, the bright side is that I do not start until a little after 8am as opposed to 6am. Hoping to leave around the same time as usual, might be slightly later, but I can deal! And guess what? I will be wearing real people clothes! Which reminds me I should probably go pull some of those out…

Since I really don’t have any pictures to share from yesterday I thought I would do something called a “Photo Dump”. I’ve seen this lately on many of my favorite blogs. This is basically where you go through your photo library and post random pictures that you haven’t posted before. Things are about to get interesting…. Warning, some of these are before I was a “skinny minnie”. 


little du

These were my two puppies growing up- Sophie was a Yorkie and “Little Du” was a pomeranian like Phoebe. My girls. I miss them so much! It broke my heart when they passed.

bella laugh

A ridiculously cute picture of Bella laughing when she was little 🙂

md snowball

One of the best things Maryland has to offer: The Snowball! Skylite with marshmallow, my favorite. Haven’t had one in over 2 years!

shelby sleep

Shelby napping when we brought her home

shelbys first day

Shelby’s first day and being goofy. Side note: she only exists in my family because I failed my Emergency Medicine exam by 1 point. I FOUGHT for that darn point and they refused to give it back to me, but gave it to other people… I still get angry to this day I scored a 74 on that stupid exam. But look what came out of my sadness!  A cute little pup 🙂 They can bite me too because I spend my days in the ER a lot and I am a great PA!

black swan

I was obviously The Black Swan one Halloween when that movie came out. Did the makeup myself!

pa school

Most of my PA school class, DiPeppe (top row in middle with eyes closed-sorry girl) is the only one I still talk to, as expected. I was not friends with most of these people… we all hated each other.

bella is so cool

A really cute picture of Bella I found! Sassy little outfit. Just like her Aunt KK!


Ziplining in Jamaica in 2010. I didn’t tell my mom until I got home! I knew she would panic 😉 I did scream too because I was 300 feet in the air

me and dipeppe

PA school graduation with DiPeppe. Finally the long white coat!

deep dish

My first Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! I went to a PA Board Review course there. It was delicious! Major heart burn followed.

drink up airport

Me with a Margarita in a Chicago airport in 2011. I remember flying home trying to study for my boards and I was a little drunk…. glad I do not drink anymore!

healthy meals

This is when I really started to make the change and cook SUPER healthy. I always “dieted” but I started playing with new meals and really getting in the kitchen (I used to be an AWFUL cook). This was shirataki noodles and scallops with zucchini, onions, and a poached egg on top. My version of Seafood Carbonara.


At the wax museum in NYC. You know I had to get all up on Elvis! My man!

weight loss

When I started to see a difference in my face with diet changes.

So that’s some of my photo dump! I think I will do another one soon because this was fun! Have a great Friday 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    Loved this!! Ziplining?? That looks like so much fun, I hope to do that one day. Little Shelby, she is too cute, and reminds way too much of a teddy bear. Love that outfit of the black swan you did! Have a great day 🙂

    1. Katie

      It was the best experience even though I was terrified! And I put lots of time into that outfit! lol

  2. its me

    I like all the pics. So cute. The one of babygirl is my all ti favorite.

    1. Katie

      I know, she’s so grown up!

  3. Stacy

    I totally love the photo dump!

    1. Katie

      Thanks Stacy, I loved looking back 🙂

  4. tam

    Hi, The zip-lining in Jamaica looked so fun, I tried a mini zip line once in France and screamed the whole way down! It’s nice to see old photos, brings back many memories. Have a good weekend , Tam x

    1. Katie

      Yes lots of memories! Most of it was during PA school. I looked like I had a good time but those years sucked! lol

  5. Lauren

    Oh my gosh your dog is so cute in general but the puppy pics are TOO adorable. I want to meet it!

    1. Katie

      Hahaha yeah baby shelbs was super cute!

  6. amyt

    love the photo dump 🙂 I’d love to try zip lining, but I’m scared of heights……

    1. Katie

      I did panic quite a bit, but I knew it was a once in a lifetime thing!

  7. Ariel

    yay for a photo dump! love your black swan costume 🙂 and i would LOVE to try zip lining through the jungle someday. i’ve only ever done the zip line down in downtown las vegas. fun, but nothing like i image being surrounded by jungle would be.

    1. Katie

      Yes, it was scary but BEAUTIFUL! We went over water too!

  8. Lisa

    I just found your blog and I absolutely LOVE it! 🙂 Shelby is so adorable!

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