Mexico- Part 2

Hi there 🙂

Today I talk food! I definitely enjoyed myself in Mexico, but I’ve done way worse damage with Tony. The best part of the trip was the breakfast buffet.

Now I’m not a fan of buffets, it’s normally your standard scrambled egg, toast, cereal, etc. This was a DREAM BUFFET. Homemade jams were featured.


The best part? It was INCLUDED with our hotel. I guess some special package I purchased and didn’t remember. Good golly, let me give you a tour of wonderful food. You name it. THEY HAD IT.

This was day one.


Here I have potatoes, sausage (man I forgot how good real ones are), pineapple, cactus (really good!), pancakes with maple syrup and homemade jam— yeah, you guys know how I feel about my jam, and the cutest breakfast muffins. The one that looks like a seashell is called a concha. They are light, fluffy, and buttery. The one on the left was my favorite. I forget what it was called but it was similar to a small turnover. Cinnamon sugar on top and filled with… you guessed it! JAM!



Here was our daily breakfast view. How beautiful.



The coffee was also really good and I’m a coffee snob. I brought stevia packets with me, but I was pleasantly surprised to find soy and almond milk offered everywhere. Get it together U.S.!


Also really popular in Mexico? Green juice. I rarely make them at home because it seems like I’m always on prep, but they are delicious when done right. Sarah green juices pretty much every day. This one was really tasty and had an orange juice base. So refreshing.

Day two was french toast, bacon, eggs, fruit, granola, and some repeats. I actually didn’t eat the muffin, I just felt the need to taste it 😉


My final day I cleaned it up a bit with an egg white omelet, tons of fresh veggies, pineapple (it was so fresh there!), a small piece of chicken, and I had to have some more of that sausage.


Our biggest meals were definitely breakfast. For the most part we didn’t do a full lunch. Just a Quest bar by the pool or some appetizers.



Okay and maybe a few drinks by the beach! I had two strawberry daiquiris and that was it for me. Sarah had one glass (well, cup) of white wine. We really aren’t drinkers. I like the idea of it, then I have one and I’m good.



We had lots of fun goofing off on the beach and by the pool!






One night we ordered room service too! It was after a workout (I’ll get to that on this week).


My favorite thing though? Well besides the guac, was these little egg things.



THESE are called Kinder’s and they are very popular in Mexico. If you remember when, we had them for a short period of time in the United States and I was OBSESSED with them. When I pointed to them Sarah asked me if I knew what they were. I said OF COURSE! They were banned here in the U.S. because kids would choke on the toys (one of those- one kid ruins it for the rest of us, things.).


Naturally I bought a few boxes (they came in pairs) and each night Sarah and I would open an egg. I know, I’m a 30 year old woman now, but it was fun and reminded me of the good old days.

Tomorrow we talk out on the town! Yeah, I went against my mothers voice in my head and left the resort. Sorry Ma! I came back in one piece though 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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