My JT Heart is Heavy

All of my regular readers know my love of Justin Timberlake. Okay, I’m pretty sure every one out there “LOVES” Justin. I mean really who wouldn’t? But people that know me and remember me from my awkward tween years immediately associate me with Nsync or Justin. Yep, I was that girl.


My absolute favorite JT period. I still get a little tween rush of feelings when I see these kind of pictures. I can remember my mom racing me to the Kmart parking lot first thing when it opened to buy the No Strings Attached CD. She let me blast Bye Bye Bye in the car. I also remember ripping a poster off the Kmart wall… and the Sam Goody wall.. okay and maybe a Walmart or two. 😉 Hey they were just going to throw them out! Don’t judge.

I even loved him through this disaster…


Whoever told him that was a good idea?

In fact, every one in my office also knows of my JT obsession. Do I think it’s childish? Well maybe.. Do I care? NOT REALLY! I’m still convinced that one day he will leave Jessica Biel and come knocking on my apartment door. Gosh I hope my laundry is folded that day and not sitting on the chair 😉

Anyway this is probably the first time I will NOT be going to see Mr. Timberlake. He comes to DC Monday night. Why do you think I’m on vacation? I planned this MONTHS ago so I’d have an extra day off after the show. When I saw the Legends of the Summer tour (Justin and Jay-Z ) we didn’t get home until almost 3am. I wake up for work at 4:30am and it would be a Tuesday.. so yeah not a brilliant idea to work.

Even though I make a good living, I have expenses like the rest of the world. And a bikini competition hobby is BY NO MEANS CHEAP! Seriously after calculating all of the costs that go into competing we are looking at anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 for this. I’m not kidding. So if you are looking into competing you really need to make sure you want to do it and can swing it because it’s crazy expensive. There are even expenses that didn’t cross my mind, like…

  • Tanning– the stuff they spray you with before the show? Well that’s about $125 for a few coats on show day
  • An OCB membership to actually compete. You have to me a member of the cool kids club. This is $65 for a years membership
  • The fees for competing in the show- $75  for early birds (I have to get on this). Crossover fee $55 per additional division. Cross overs mean I can compete in “Novice bikini”, “open bikini”, etc. I plan on entering more than one to increase my chance of winning something!
  • Polygraph exam: $50.  Yes, you read that right. POLYGRAPH! I have to have this done to make sure I am not lying about being drug free for this competition.
  • Competition jewelry, robe, shoes, nails– I obviously have the shoes, jewelry I’m going cheap on e-bay. But all this adds up to around $120-150.
  • Posing classes– $25-40 a pop. Will probably do 5-6 of these before it’s all said and done.
  • Competition day coach. I hired “help” from my coach on show day. This was only $25 and well worth it to me. My coach has a lot of people competing, therefore she has “santas little helpers” to distribute her services. Basically this is one of her team members backstage to help me with EVERY THING! Making sure I am picture perfect when I step on the stage, and to help keep my nerves in check.
  • Hotel for the night before. As silly as it sounds I am 100% doing this. This is a place to call “home” the night before the show. Being in a hotel right next to the show is going to be a blessing. It’s going to be hard to get stage ready at home, then travel in that tan and try not to mess anything up. And backstage? Well basically it’s madness. When I went to other shows the area is FULL of bikini girls half dressed, hand held mirrors every which way, and every one fighting for space to get ready. I’m approximating $120 for the night like most hotels are now a days .

That’s around $800 RIGHT THERE! Enter emoji shock face here… 

Makeup is going to be done by me that day (I’m pretty good with makeup even though I rarely wear it, plus I hate the way my makeup turns out when someone else does it!), hair will be done by my beautiful hair dresser friend Tiffany (score).

I’m not even counting the suit in these expenses, that’s a whole different expensive ball game! I’m sure I’m forgetting other things too.


My favorite bikini girl, Jessica Arevalo. 

So the decision was made for Mr. Timberlake to take a back seat this go around and save the money for competing. Everything seems to be a sacrifice for this show and of course it makes me sad. But again JT isn’t cheap either, the lowest I could find was $250 a seat for a pretty crappy view. I know he comes to Baltimore in July so maybe then. I do know I will be avoiding my Facebook like the plague on Monday and Tuesday! I’d be hating HARD if I saw pictures.


Sorry Mister Timberlake. Abs come first this season.


I’ll be back tomorrow with workout related things. It’s another leg day for me. Gosh they come around so quick now that I’ve increased them!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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