Spring, Where Art Thou?

Okay winter, LISTEN UP!

Go away. I’ve had enough.

Here in Maryland we have been waking up to more snow. I cannot take it anymore! It’s not even pretty snow, it’s nasty ice. It’s officially MARCH and I am ready for spring to be here. I am always so freezing and I can’t take this weather anymore. I’m not asking for blasting heat, just not 20 degrees anymore. I’m sure all the east coast readers feel me on this one! I find myself EXTREMELY irritated when I’m driving. If it’s cold, okay fine, I’ll deal. Driving in the constant ice and slush, I’m 100% over it.


Here’s where I get more angry. I wrote this entire post and the internet Gods decided they didn’t want you to read it. POOF GONE. I turned off the computer, but this morning I’m trying again.


So where have I been? I know, I’m sorry. More on my disappearing act later, but for now I am going to share with you my HUMP DAY HAVES. These are things I’m loving lately that I’ve been using at home, in the gym, etc. Nope, none of these companies work with me, I’m just sharing because I like them!


These Lululemon pants. These are wunder unders, the only pants I wear from there. This is made of a new material, Luon and it literally feels like a soft jersey that molds to your skin. The reviews are not good, but that was because people had bad experiences with the printed ones. The gray pants are amazing! I highly recommend.


Scarves with cardigans. I’ve been dressing up my casual clothes by using a scarf instead of other jewelry. It can take a drab outfit to super stylish. I love this Zebra print one. I think G-Mama bought it for me last year. Super cute!


These socks. I wear these with my flats. They give a cute little edge to an outfit without having to wear knee highs or hose. I bought a few pairs at Target!


Straight Leg Dead lifts with toes pointed in. I never knew changing my feet ever so slightly could change the way my hamstrings were getting a burn! TRY THIS, you will feel it all over.


Pearls that look real. These can also add a girly flair to an outfit. I bought these for 10 bucks at Charming Charlie! I also like the stacking.

So there you HAVE it!

HAVE a great Hump Day!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. amyt

    you’ll hate me – it’s in the 80’s here this week!! (FL) … it’ll be 50ish on Friday though….but back in the upper 70’s next week…..this is why I heart where I live! I could not take the snow and cold!!! I haven’t even thought about turning my toes in on deadlifts….awesome – thanks for the tip!

  2. ariel@HHF

    I use the same hand cream, and must agree that it’s a hand saver for sure! While it is sunny and in the 60s over here on the west coast (sorry, not gloating), it is still terribly dry. I am fairly certain I am keeping Target and The Body Shop in business with all the hand cream and body butter I am constantly replenishing. 🙂

  3. Lauren

    Feeling your pain! Snow again this morning here in Colorado. So sick of it and it’s been around so long that it’s turning black. Yuck. I’ve tried the deadlifts with toes pointed in as well as pointed out-although I always manage to hurt my lower back. I need to check my form and probably lower my weight. I’m going to try again once I’m done hobbling around like a little old lady…..

  4. Lisa @ Life as Lisa Knows It

    My hands used to get so cracked to the point they would bleed every winter too. This is the first year EVER that my hands have been so soft and smooth in the winter and I think I owe it all to a new soap that I now use – Dove Winter Care – it is AWESOME! I read about it on another blog and decided to try it and fell in love. It has made such a difference in my skin – to the point that I bought 4 more huge packages of it because I want to use it all year and think it is just sold seasonally. I got the soap and body wash at Target. I highly recommend (if you can’t tell from the huge paragraph that I just wrote to you! haha). 🙂

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