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Good Morning Monday people! I’m determined to make this week a good one. A little positivity goes a long way.

I hope every one had a great weekend! It’s RED CUP SEASON! šŸ™‚


My weekly soy latte treat was inside.

Saturday I ended up tweaking my back on this bad boy


Which was just a reminder to myself to always make sure I’m using proper form! Sometimes I tend to rush through things, slow and controlled is key.

So what happened next? Well I went home and was stuck on the couch a while with my girl. We had Friends and The Pioneer Woman to keep us occupied.



Luckily it passed. I’m still a little stiff, but nothing major. Phew!

Yesterday Phoebe and I had Puppy school bright and early and at 7:30 we did not want to get out of bed. Plus I woke up to a THUD! Phoebs fell off the bed and rolled into the night stand. No worries she was fine šŸ™‚

A small part of me wanted to bail on school, but I paid for it, so we went! In the car Phoebe cried the entire way. Then when I took her out of her carrier to look out the window for a few minutes while I gathered our things, she cried even louder. It was if she was saying “pleaseeeeee don’t make me go to school Mommy!”


So photogenic. There was a puppy photographer there too and you know Phoebs. Such a ham.

I’m SO happy we went because Phoebe did wonderful. We are learning to heel on a leash and Miss Buffay walked in the huge circle of dogs no problem! We even were called out by the teacher saying how wonderful she was walking.


Then it was time to weave! ALL the dogs stand in a big circle, spaced apart and each dog takes turns weaving in and out of each dog while heeling.


We were asked to start. US!? I was nervous, but we like a challenge. Well Miss Buffay SHINED like a diamond! She weaved in and out of big pit bulls and dogs about 10-20 times her size! She kept her eyes on me the whole time with a smile on her face. She knows Mommy would never put her in danger. I was so darn proud of her. That’s a lot for a little itty bitty dog.


Our new lesson included learning “SIT”. Now I know what you’re thinking, simple! Not for Phoebs. As I stood there I thought to myself Phoebe has NEVER sat. I’m not talking about on command, I mean in general. The diva will not sit like a dog. She either stands the whole time or lays down. I’ve never seen her sit and I thought long and hard trying to find an example. I even asked my mom and dad, nothing. I had to force it a little, but we did it. With some practice we will get there!



Just because this shot is hilarious

10:00am hit and Phoebe said SEE YA SCHOOL! She ran to the car.


Then we hit G-Mama’s. I decided to go to the gym but I kept it light. I couldn’t do my normal beast mode leg day like I normally do on Sundays, but I made the best of it. I stuck with low impact cardio and some squats without weight.


I love a Sunday afternoon at the gym. It’s completely empty.

At home I went into meal prep mama. This one I played with home made flavored almonds.


These were chocolate peanut butter almonds. Things got messy.


I liked how they ended up cooking in clusters. Yum!


The recipe needs a little tweaking, like most of mine lately, but just a small adjustment or two!

I also made my other stuff, these lunches look healthy and delicious.


Do you recognize something in the lower right corner? Always by my side…


It was a hard day for Phoebs. School wipes the little one out, plus all that playing with Shelby during the day.


So that was our weekend. I’m going to miss my little girl all day at work today, the first day back is always the toughest for Phoebs!


One final thing. Congratulations to Sara on her winning comment: Hmm.. I would say my biggest accomplishment was when I beat my PR on my half marathon time by over 10 minutes!”

She has won the Meatheads Apparel tank! I will get in touch with you via e-mail today Sara!Ā 

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    I love how Phoebe always looks like she is smiling, so cute!!! Yum!! I’ve been craving a soy latte for a while, and I have a feeling I will be getting it soon! And great job to Phoebe!!! She seems to be doing really good in school. Have a great Monday šŸ™‚

    1. Katie

      Haha my shining star! A “book worm” so to speak, just like mama šŸ˜‰

  2. Ayla

    I’d like your opinion on something, if you don’t mind! I’ve worked my legs pretty heavy for the last 6 months or more and I like the muscle I’ve gained but I really don’t want to put on MORE muscle because I don’t like my jeans fitting tighter, etc. How would you alter your leg workouts to avoid that? I know to lower the weights, do higher reps but I dunno, I almost need to lean my legs back out a bit. But how can you “lean out” muscle?Thoughts?

    1. Katie

      Pilates always leans my legs out. You could always try less weight and more reps which work for SOME people, not every one. I notice I look twice as “muscle-y” if I gain a few pounds, so I just increase my water intake and do a SMIDGE more cardio, but nothing crazy!

  3. Sara

    Woohoo!! So excited about winning! Thanks Katie!

    1. Katie

      You’re welcome! šŸ˜€

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