The Competitor Comes Out to Play

Motivation Monday! That is what I am calling today. Instead of focusing on the negative, that it is Monday, let’s go with positive thoughts!

Yesterday I woke up to a nice LEAN surprise. Morning abs! Abs always look best first thing in the morning and I took full advantage of the photo op!

Woo girl look at that waist.
Woo girl look at that waist.
Is this really me? I NEVER thought I'd see the day that I look like this. Obliques!
Is this really me? I NEVER thought I’d see the day that I look like this. Obliques!

Goes to show you how HARD WORK pays off! I’m slaving away meal prepping, workout out, and doing this blog on my time AWAY from work. I literally do not have a second where I sit and just “chill”. You make sacrifices for goals you want to achieve in life.

After coffee and food I worked out in my apartment building. Quick 1 hour session. Felt good!

1 hour done, now to enjoy the day!
1 hour done, now to enjoy the day!

I got dressed for a nice Father’s Day with the fam! Makeup! Holy cow haven’t worn that in weeks…

put on a face. A quick face!
put on a face. A quick face!
I'm tan too! It actually turned out nice. Not too orange-y. Just a healthy glow
I’m tan too! It actually turned out nice. Not too orange-y. Just a healthy glow

Luckily it’s just a faint smell still. No tanner will ever be “unscented”. It’s just the chemical makeup that reacts with your body chemistry. So don’t let those “no odor” tanners fool you. They all smell, it’s science.

I dropped Phoebs off at my parents house, then off to my sisters I went. Side note, miss Shelby Ann decided to go for a little run when I pulled up. Luckily I saw my dad RUNNING and stopped my car because I knew she probably got loose. Here comes Shelbs running across the street! Geez Louise, thank GOODNESS it was me driving up when it happened. I don’t even want to think about it!

Anyway, when I got there the guys were eating crabs and having mojitos.

Manly umbrellas huh?
Manly umbrellas huh?

And this is what I had….

Def not crabs... sigh...
Def not crabs… sigh…

If you scroll back to picture #1 on this post, this is why I look this way! Sacrifices.

I spent the afternoon playing games with the gals. Casey, Bells, and G-Mama.

Bell playing pretty pretty princess. I loved this game as a kid!
Bell playing pretty pretty princess. I loved this game as a kid!
Connect 4 sure has changed!
Connect 4 sure has changed! A launcher? What is this?

I am quite the competitive person, even at board games. I just had to win. Yes I did not let a 6 year old win… you can judge me!

But then we teamed up for Scattergories and kicked butt!

Rice cake and scattergories
Rice cake and scattergories

When I got home, I felt like I needed another workout. I hate when I start thinking about things! Never think guys, it’s not good. So I went outside for a run. Yes. Me. Outside. RUNNING. I’m not usually an outdoors-y person, but hey that 1/2 marathon isn’t that far off. I needed to clear my head so I just hit the pavement. My area is SO NICE. I had no idea there were so many nice communities back where I live. Lots of families and people out walking their dogs and running. Super safe šŸ™‚ I ran for about 40 minutes and that included some killer sprints. I found a hill in one of the communities and did 5 super sprints up the hill and a did a speed walk back down. Heart rate was definitely up, and I finished the rest of my run after.

When I came back in I was a sweaty mess. I took this picture to show a friend…

Not cute... but felt good!
Why? Because some of my tanner rubbed off from sweating outside! Not cute… but run felt good!

Then it was Phoebs turn for an outside walk. She was playing in the bushes

get outta there dog!
get outta there dog!

And upstairs she was being a little weirdo and playing with her ball up against the wall. She kept rolling her body around on the floor and pushing the ball up with her nose and paws. I just watch her and laugh 90% of the time we are home.

Is she a seal?
Is she a seal?

I ended my night meal prepping

Lots of asparagus for a few days!
Lots of asparagus for a few days!

blogging, and watching Miss USA. I have to say I see these women SO DIFFERENTLY than I used to. I used to think gosh they are perfect… and now I think “where is her butt?” “she needs to eat!”. What I once found attractive, I no longer do. I like MUSCLE tone, not skinny cardio bunnies, but to each their own…

Today I am in the OR all day, so should be a pretty fast day. Not sure I will be out on time, either way I have a leg day scheduled! Whether it be home or at my regular gym, it is definitely happening šŸ™‚


XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    Nice obliques!!! Hahaha I am the same way with kids, they want to win, then they can do it fair and square. Woohoo!!! Hill sprints are defiantly not easy, but a great way to get whatevers on your chest off. Omg lol that picture of Phoebe is too funny!! Have a great day šŸ™‚

  2. Liz @FitLizzy

    You’re CUT! Your abs look great! Glad you got in a great run. Running outdoors = my favorite thing in the whole world šŸ™‚

  3. tam

    Wow, your abs look amazing! Hard work is definitely paying off, well done! I wish my abs looked like that but unfortunately my stomach is my trouble area. I need to incorporate more hill sprints into my workouts I think šŸ™‚ Hope you are well and Phoebe is being as cute as ever! Tam x

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