The Social Media Happiness Trick

Today I’m touching on something a little different for me. It’s something I feel very strongly about, and while this may be a tad controversial, my blog is made up of my thoughts and opinions. You do not have to agree with me. In fact, if everyone agreed all the time life would be pretty boring huh?

I want to discuss the Social Media Happiness Trick. 

Basically this is what I refer to as making your life look absolutely perfect online.

It’s not. 

Recently a girl committed suicide because she didn’t think her life was as great as some of her friends portrayed it online. This young woman TOOK HER LIFE over a comparison that was probably very false to begin with.

Do you know how many people I have talked to that have used these phrases?

  • “yeah my marriage sucks”— on Facebook it’s “my soulmate and I couldn’t be happier”
  • “Do you know how many pictures we had to take to get us all smiling?”— on Facebook “having the best time with friends!”
  • “I hate my body. I stared at it for hours”. —on Instagram  “killer workout- so motivated and confident”
  • My personal favorite “It’s YOU VERSUS YOU”. When in reality these people do nothing but compare themselves to images and one up one another.

As a blogger, yes I talk about my life. Yes I show pictures of me smiling, my progress, and all of that jazz, but for the most part I like to keep it real. 99% of people don’t want to do that. They don’t talk about how unhappy they are at their job, that they are stressed from home or school, or they are generally not in the place they want to be. I typically touch on all of that. I make changes, I try to put myself in a better place, and if I’m not… well, I usually say it. One thing that gets me everytime is that I can be a little too forward and honest. Plus my emotions show all over my face.


More recently I’ve been obsessed with social media. I check it A LOT. I would first use the excuse “I’m a blogger”, but really who are we kidding here? I am 100% happy with my job and life now that I’ve made this switch. I’m eating clean, I’m feeling good about my body.

Then I go on social media… and it hits me. People glorifying their lives. Making everything picture perfect. Showing their ripped bodies in all the right angles and all the right lighting. Yesterday I sat back and thought to myself “why am I comparing myself to these images?”. I’m perfectly happy right now. I feel confident in the gym and I feel great. Am I searching for some weird goal of perfection that I don’t even know exists?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how unhealthy social media can be. I will ALWAYS remain a blogger, yes. What once was used as a connection with others across the globe has now turned into a bragging competition. I’m not about it and I definitely need a break from it.

I am continuing to blog (daily, hopefully), but social media is taking a backseat for a while. For the next few weeks I’m saying goodbye to Facebook and Instagram. Not deleting accounts, just not logging in, other than blog related commitments. I’ve become way too addicted to it and it needs to stop. I have no reason to compare myself to others. I’m strong, I’m happy, and I don’t need someone else’s approval or validation to tell me I’ve made progress. NEITHER DO YOU!

Be happy FOR YOU. Be strong FOR YOU. Let’s all stop comparing ourselves to this happiness trick!

So bye social media… for now 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Hayley

    YES! I totally agree and I wrote a similar post recently. I can have a great day at the gym and then go home and scroll through instagram and instantly feel worse. I’m considering taking a break too. Great post.

    1. Katie

      It makes me sad we do this. I guess it’s our generation though 🙁

  2. Dawn

    I think you’re so right and admire your willingness to talk about it and take a break from it. I like reading your blog (and your IG) because you keep it real. Hugs!

    1. Katie

      Thank you Dawn! A lot of people won’t talk about real life. I never want to set an unattainable image as a role model. I realize a lot of young girls read me. I want them to realize they can be smart, educated, hold a job, and still feel good about their bodies!

  3. Rachel (LittleChefBigAppetite)

    LOVE THIS! I find myself doing this all the time and I KNOW it’s unhealthy! Love that you’re taking a break – it’s bold and so so so healthy.

    1. Katie

      Thank you so much Rachel! I have to say it is a pretty bold step for me since I’m so attached, but I know it’s the right thing to do! FOR NOW 😉

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  5. Chris

    Hi. I follow your blog off and on. I appreciate your attitude and I like the healthy recipes.
    Re: Social media. I recommend a book called “No Sense of Place” (The Impact of Social Media on Social Behavior) by Joshua Meyrowitz. Its dated (1980s), but nevertheless, you will find it exceptionally insightful on the points you make.
    Keep up the great work.

  6. Alexandria

    Awesome I’ve followed your blog for years now , your alwYs truthful and honest ! I love it ! Social media is the killer of happiness that’s all I can chalk it up as anymore 🙁 so many people bragging and talking down to others its a shame , and all the fitness pages I come across its only about money it seems it’s hard to find a genuine page anymore , yours is one of the that remains humble and honest 🙂 thank you Minnie 🙂

  7. ariel@HHF

    Thank you, thank you for this post! Recently, I’ve let my blog fall on the back burner. Not because I have nothing to write about, but because for the past year or so life has been challenging. Challenging in a good way, but I often times convince myself that no one wants to read about me going through “this,” and overcoming “that.” And I definitely judge my workouts and meal plans because I admittedly do compare myself to other bloggers for sure! Why would anyone want to read about my average life, when they can read about the shiny, always happy lives of the near-superhero bloggers out there? Yes, I do realize how harsh that sounds, and I have to thank you for making me realize it. 🙂

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