Weekday Stress Bomb

Good Morning and TGIF!

I was really waiting for this weekend to come. Each day I’d say well that’s 1 down, 2 down, etc.

For breakfast yesterday I had “prep food” just because I like it

overnight oats and cottage cheese
overnight oats and cottage cheese

Tomorrow I’m featuring a new overnight oats recipe that is currentlyย “overnighting” <—– okay not a word, but it’s the way I had to describe it! Cake batter overnight oats. Sounds good huh!? I think so! Best part is they are quick and easy. Hopefully they taste good ๐Ÿ™‚

My day at work was catching up on things that had been sitting a while AKA dictations. For those of you not in the medical field these are “spoken medical notes” you have to report into a phone to be typed up by a transcriptionist. They are one of my least favorite things in the world to do because it takes so much time to go through patient files and recite the story. I had a huge pile to do, but got through about half (more than I anticipated).

I found this room with ONE computer. It was awesome, I sat and worked alone. Peace and quiet :)
I found this room with ONE computer. It was awesome, I sat and worked alone. Peace and quiet ๐Ÿ™‚

Then about an hour into it, I realized I left my gym bag at home…

left gym bag
face palm

This weekend I am focusing on a little R and R. Rest and relaxation. This certainly doesn’t mean sit around and do nothing (please we all know that is not happening). To me this means take it easy, don’t stress about things, get things done when you want, and get some sleep WOMAN!


So recently I’ve been doing a lot of reading on other blogs. I love to see what other people are posting and I get inspired! Especially after my conference, one of the things they talked about was focusing in on your posts. This isn’t usually my writing style unless I am specifically writing an article for an outside source. I usually just talk about my life, what I did during the day, and my workouts. But today I thought I’d shoot in a different direction.

How many of you out there follow an awesome healthy lifestyle during the week? You feel great, you’re on point working out and then the weekend hits and WHAM you bomb it. Well for me it’s the exact opposite believe it or not! When I have free time I’m less likely to ruin all my hard work because I can stay focused on the tasks I need to do more easily. During the week and at work I am so stressed, so I sometimes won’t work out as hard or I’ll grab those extra few snacks or cups of coffee with creamer at work. Weekends I’m more aware of what I am doing and I am doing things I enjoy. Sometimes at work,ย I find myself staring at the clock waiting to take a lunch break… not good.

Whether you are a weekend healthy lifestyle bomber or stressful weekday bomber like ME, here areย 10 tips to diminish that a bit!

  1. Drink more water. Okay, I know this is a given. But when I am constantly sipping on something, I’m less likely to grab that can of almonds in my lunch box and destroy the whole thing (yeah I did this yesterday, whoops).
  2. Pack your lunch. Okay another given. I definitely do not pack just what I plan on eating for the day though. I always keep some extra emergency snacks for on the go just in case I can’t sit down and eat. Even if it’s the weekend and I know I am going somewhere, I still pack snacks to bring. Always be prepared, do not be stranded without food, it sets you up to have a slip up!
  3. Gum. I chew between meals so I don’t grab more food.
  4. Make a schedule for yourself. This is extremely helpful for me. I like lists and I like organization, so I write down things that need to be done for the day and I tackle them. What does this have to do with eating? Well if you keep busy rather than lay around, you’re less likely to grab those potato chips. Even if it’s scheduled blog time I will mark that down for 2 hours, and say I will eat dinner after, instead of picking inside the fridge!
  5. If you are going out to eat, eat something before. Really it’s not a good idea to go to a restaurant starving, because what will happen? You will eat that entire bread basket before the actual meal comes. I know I would. Some treats are fine, but I don’t like to feel so guilty when I leave a restaurant that I feel like I need to be rolled out of there.
  6. Keep your gym clothes CLOSE by. I usually keep them in my work locker and change at work, rather than in my gym bag in the car. This way I’m reminded when I open my locker “hey lady you need to workout”. If I am going to my parents house I bring my gym bag with me, ALWAYS.
  7. Make sure it only happens once. If you do “bomb it”, make it a one time thing and not a whole day thing or weekend thing. Cheats happen, good meals happen, life happens. Just don’t continue or else it washes away all your hard work! Get in the gym the next day and pickup where you left off to get it off!
  8. Save the NEW stuff. This is a good one for me. Make new workouts to get excited about.ย I’ll either make up a new lifting routine, or do something different so I won’t bail on the exercise! OR save that new exercise outfit for a day you know you might flake. I love wearing workout clothes that make me feel good and I save the super cute ones for weekdays to get me to go to the gym. This also works with making new playlists. Change that gym playlist up to stay motivated!
  9. White board and post-its. Going back to # 4, I like lists and writing things down. I keep a white board and post-itsย in my apartment to write random things on. Whether it’s a recipe I want to remind myself to start working on, or a motivational quote to keep me going, I like seeing it written down so I will do it and stay inspired!
  10. Read what other people are doing. Seriously this works. I go on blogs and my instagram all the time to see what workouts people are doing. It motivates me to get my bum in the gym! Plus I’m super competitive so I always think OH YEAH? Well I can top that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

bicep tan

Today is a busy little errand day for me. Haircut (no worries just a trim, I NEED my long hair), oil change, bank, gym sesh, parents house, HOPEFULLY spray tan, etc.

Oh and shout out to all my new readers! Thanks for finding me and continuing to follow ๐Ÿ˜€

See you tomorrow!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Juli

    Well I think I need to print out that list! Some things I already manage easily, some things are a little more difficult. #5 is brilliant, never thought about that before. Thanks for your daily inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Katie

      You’re welcome! Eat just a bit so you won’t be starving when you go, but not too much that you won’t enjoy a little!

  2. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    I don’t really have a problem most the time with healthy eating weekdays and weekends, although I noticed that when that “time of the month” comes around, that is the hardest for me. CAN NOT deprive myself of anything! I’m defiantly getting better, but it is really hard to be telling myself no to all the bad stuff that I normally never want. Enjoy Your Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Katie

      Girl me too. Where’s the chocolate covered potato chips? lol

  3. Tiffany @ The Chi-Athlete

    Oh I am HUGE on preparation! I was going to blog about that very subject this weekend. Staying organized (to the point where I count how many times I fill my 20 oz. water bottle throughout the day…okay, that detail might be slightly OCD…) is my go-to for nutrition and training.

    1. Katie

      Me too. All over my apartment you will find several lists all listing the same things lol

  4. Gerry

    Thanks for the 10 TIPS ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Katie

      You’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. tam

    I am definitely a planner and like sticking to a routine or schedule! Probably a bit too much. I think it helps especially when you have to food prep at the weekends. I agree with drinking water as well, gotta keep the body hydrated. Have good weekend! Tam x x

    1. Katie

      Food prep is HUGE! I slacked this pack week because I was tired and had to do it every night. It’s so much better when I prep one day

  6. Ariel

    if only i’d brought this list along over the weekend… i am SO physically sick from eating out, and pretty much leaping off the wagon. the fam was in town, so i was of course completely out of routine. and they eat SO differently than i do. and i always feel so guilty saying, “no, no, no,” to rich food, drinks and dessert that i end up caving. why do i do this to myself??!! why can’t i just have the willpower to say, “i understand that you’re in town on vaca, and i appreciate you wanting to share the fun, but i MUST stay on track.” why??… okay, sorry for the vent sesh. in hindsight, i wish i’d re-read this post in preparation for them to arrive. your blog is SO motivating and i must say i really admire your journey and all you’ve gotten through to get this far. it has re-lit that little spark, and although i backtracked a TON this weekend, i am completely committed to hopping back on the fit wagon and continuing my own journey… all because of you little missy. <3 ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Katie

      This is so sweet! I’m glad you are getting back to it and so happy I could inspire you to do so. Totally made my crappy Tuesday lol

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