1 and a Half Thumbs Up

Hello there!

HAAAAAPPY THURSDAY! Can you tell I’m super excited for Thursday? I don’t have any weekend plans. Actually Saturday I plan on doing a morning gym session and then a scheduled couch day/cook book day. Naps and e book work sounds like my idea of the perfect Saturday! Two thumbs up! Well maybe 1 and a half… huh?

I don’t talk about my actual work life that often besides the normal ‘oh here is what I ate or I was in the OR all day’, that kind of stuff. But, I just had to share that yesterday was the first time in AGES I was grossed out by something. I’ve seen my FAIR SHARE of absolutely disgusting things. Foul infections, too many births to count, and peoples insides (oh fun!), however nothing has phased me until yesterday.

A thumb in a bag on ice….




Well, half of a thumb, but the entire nail was in there with it, so it’s almost a whole freaking thumb folks!

Just seeing a piece of a thumb hanging out in a bag looking quite dead gave me shivers. It reminded me of something in one of those SAW movies.

Then I was reminded of Friends where Phoebe has a can of soda and finds a thumb floating in it.

Ah geez! So I know your curious as to if we were able to save the patients thumb, and actually I don’t have the answer since we sent him to a hospital with a great hand surgery program. I hope all is back together!

Moving on from horror stories…

I have to say my slim down is SUPER successful so far. In fact it’s kicking my butt, and my clients can agree.


I feel stronger and tighter already after 4 days, and I’m down a pound! It’s never too late to sign up, as you will still get all 25 days to do 🙂

I’m also excited to have an idea of when I’m competing again! I plan on doing an October show, and this time I’ll be taking on the world of NPC! These are the big dog shows, and while all of these competitors may not be natural, I will still be doing MY PREP NATURAL. These shows are a little more Hollywood glam, and while I thought it wasn’t a fit for me in the past, I think I’m better suited for them since I have a lot of muscle on my frame. The more natural shows prefer a softer look and I am just not that, so I’m going to go play with the jacked kids 😉


It’ll be a bigger one and competition will be stiff so I’m already getting my body in a mini-prep mode. I want to come back stronger and more fit than my first show, without losing muscle this time. So for the next 5 weeks I will be lifting as heavy as I can and put on that muscle! I have no plans to go big on calories, because at this point my metabolism isn’t reversed enough. I will just have FAT GAIN and it’ll be more difficult to get off. I have plenty of time to play with things, so if I notice one week I’m getting too thin already then I can adjust as necessary. I’m ready for this and already have the itch to get back to the stage 🙂

I’ve also booked my hotel room for FitBloggin’ 😀 I’m so excited. I made sure to get Mary and I a nice room right on the  river. I cannot wait. I remember being so upset last year that my vacation was over and I had to wait a WHOLE YEAR to go again. Seems like just yesterday G-Mama said to me “oh it’ll be here again before you know it!” And here we are 21 days away!

I hope everyone enjoys their day. Work hard so you can play hard this weekend 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Yay!!! I kind of find it ridiculous that they preferred you softer. I thought you looked the bomb.com! Seriously, I would have given you 1st. But at least your going to where they want all that muscle, you’re going to do great girl!!!

  2. tam

    As soon as you mentioned the thumb, I thought of Phoebe from Friends! This competition sounds good, looking forward to reading about your progress with muscle building. As someone who is trying to put on muscle would you mind doing a blog post about it? Like how much you should be eating/ macro balance/ body split etc. Thanks as always. all the best. Tam x

  3. Carla

    I think you look awesome and will be great at NPC. I am putting it as a goal to go to Fitbloggin in 2015. I’ve been living the chatter I hear about it.

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