Travel Tips for Keeping it Healthy

Hi friends!

Since I’m heading away soon I thought I’d share with you a fit girls guide to traveling. Now I’ve talked about road trips before and trying to keep it healthy, but this time I’m flying so being able to pack whatever I want is not an option.

Two years ago when I went to blogfest in California, I wanted to stay on a modified competition prep diet, so I went to work. I prepped protein waffles, turkey burgers, protein shakes, and chicken. I froze it, bought a ton of ice packs, and off it went to Cali. It was a pain in the neck. I did eat it, but frankly I was a bit miserable and it didn’t taste that great since it was previously frozen.


If you want to be SUPER strict you can certainly do this, but I don’t plan on doing it this time.

So if you’re flying and want to keep it healthy, here’s what you can do!

Morning flight departure:

I ALWAYS pack my breakfast. I usually eat it on the plane and every time so far I’ve gotten away with packing oats. Now that I say this, I’ll probably jinx myself and be forced to throw out my precious oats. I’ll throw in a half cup of oats, and 1/2 scoop protein powder. Throw in a few hardboiled eggs and you have yourself a meal. There’s been a time or two that I actually packed overnight oats that were soaking in water or milk (most of it absorbed) and it was still fine.


Snacks to pack:

These are my emergency go to snacks. Flavored almonds, Quest bars or OH Yeah One Bars, rice cakes and some powdered peanut butter in a little Tupperware container (bring it just as the powder to prevent it possibly being thrown out).


Fitness equipment:

I’ll be working out most of the weekend, but if you want to get a workout in during your travels and do not have access to a gym, resistance bands are your best friend. I have the long ones with handles, as well as the small bands you can use for a leg workout. They are so easy to pack and travel well. Want some cardio? There are so many plyometric videos on YouTube that you can do to get in a calorie busting HIIT workout!


Eating out:

Yes, you can keep it healthy. Sauces and dressings on the side, ask for things broiled or grilled, load up on veggies! Most places nowadays always have vegetarian options, so wherever you go ask for the vegetarian menu to get your veggie fill, then throw on some grilled protein if you eat meat.


Enjoy yourself if you choose:

My plan is to not restrict, just to be more conscious and not eat everything in sight. I fully plan on having one meal or one food item a day that I want to eat. It’s vacation after all!


Active rest:

No matter where you choose to vacation, there are plenty of options to stay active. Heading to the beach? Take a jog on the boardwalk or do some yoga in the sand early morning. Woods nearby? Go on a hike. Somewhere tropical? Go for a heavy swim. Small town? Take a bike ride! I will be doing a hike in the Hollywood Hills!


The trip home:

I think this is the most important tip. DON’T STRESS! If you didn’t stay 100% on track with goals or meals, or you didn’t workout the way you planned, don’t let it get to you. Just get back on track when you come home.

I hope this helped you and maybe put your mind at ease for going away this summer.

Relax, enjoy, and be healthy!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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