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Hello Bloggies,

Welcome to Tuesday, my least favorite day of the week. Once this day is over the rest of the week I can deal with. It’s more a mental game than anything. This is why I usually use Tuesday as a rest day because I just despise the day and can’t wait to get home and unwind. As you see I took full advantage of yesterday being a low key day…

Love that JT song "strawberry bubblegum"
Love that JT song “strawberry bubblegum”

Before I get into my post, I need to give a BIG shout out to my Dad, today is his birthday! Happy Birthday Dad, your Minnie Pooh and Phoebs love you! πŸ˜€

poppop bday

So after MUCH debate of whether or not to address this issue I decided to post it because really it’s not a big deal. I’m a woman, I’m a human afterall, and I’ve gained 5 pounds. Actually I’m up more than that from my lowest “prep” weight, but my normal happy weight is 115. Now that’s ME, not a number I suggest for anyone else because we are all built different. I’m a lot of muscle, and I just feel most comfortable at 115. I know my weight had gone up these past few weeks because I have not been as careful with portions and just eating any and all fruit in sight. Yes fruit is good for you, but sometimes I take it to an extreme because it is so good and it’s summer! Hey cherry season only lasts so long. Oh and I kept slapping ketchup on everything.Β Anyway, when I stepped on the scale and saw 120, I did frown, but I expected it. My stomach wasn’t as tight, my arms weren’t as lean and jacked,Β 5 pounds makes a difference on my small frame. Plus not getting adequate sleep also can mess up your body, so that needs to be changed PRONTO.

Now I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to drop that extra 5, but that’s ALL I want to drop. When I get into the 110-111 area I start to look a little bobble head-ish and sort of scary because my arms “twig out”. Again, 5 pounds makes a huge difference on me.

So am I going on some crazy fad diet? Absolutely not. I am just going to continue with what I’ve been doing all along, just watching portion sizes again. Do I really need that entire bag of cherries after dinner? No. Was it good? Heck yes. I’ve also had my good and bad days on the water intake and that changes the game too. So back to lots of water I go.

As you see I am a normal woman. I fluctuate like every one else, but I don’t beat myself up about it. No, I am not this crazy fitness Barbie with perfect food and gym days. If I was, life would be super boring. I am however ready to get back to the leaner version of me, it won’t take much, just a little extra push πŸ˜‰

With that said, when I left work at 4:30 I was ready for the gym. I changed into my neon attire again.Β I’m telling you this really motivates me! I need to stop though, my bank account keeps dropping down because I have no self control. When I was in BJs the day before I saw a neon pink zip up by Fila and couldn’t say no. It was originally $60 on sale for $19.99 so you know I had to snatch it up.


human highlighter coming through
human highlighter coming through. What’s with my face?

My pants are bright purple, but it’s hard to tell here. So in the spirit of being purple, I made my workout a little more fun and colorful for you guys πŸ™‚


Posting this one because I cannot believe HOW BAD my shoulders look here. They are so crooked and uneven! I try my best every day to correct my posture as much as possible
Posting this one because I cannot believe HOW BAD my shoulders look here. They are so crooked and uneven! I try my best every day to correct my posture as much as possible.

Back at home I made Shrimp wraps using rice paper. They are so yummy! Definitely a fun way to eat your protein and veggies. So many pretty colors in one roll.

okay clearly I was starving and wrapped these in lightening speed. Not professional, but delicious!
okay clearly I was starving and wrapped these in lightening speed. Not professional, but delicious!

Phoebe and I also went for a walk, she gets so excited! No picture because she was being difficult πŸ™

I rounded up the night with going to bed around 11… well IN BED by 11, which is early for me during the week! Since today is my gym day off, I will try to get the trail mix cookie recipe up by tomorrow.

Have a great Tuesday, let’s get through this!

tuesday flex

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    Hahaha my boyfriend is obsessed with that song right now. I’m the same way, fruit is what does it for me, can’t help it, it’s so good πŸ™‚ Just have to actually think before I stick it in my mouth lol. Woohoo! Hope those trail mix cookies make it up. Have a good day πŸ™‚

    1. Katie

      I love everything JT does. Obsessed!

  2. amyt

    I love the bright colors…ya know – I think a typical 5 lb increase/decrease is normal for woman….BUT with that being said, we know our own bodies, and know what is comfortable to us. Annnnd it’s hard to say no to fruit in the summer πŸ™‚

    1. Katie

      I know women fluctuate and it’s perfectly normal. I just know I haven’t been as careful as I should!

  3. Stephi

    Hey Minnie, I just started to follow you on IG and on your blog. I started lifting in april with my dad who is doing competitions. While browsing through your blog I was just wondering if you stopped preparing for the bikini competition. There was a time when you talked about prepping. Your blog as well as you describing your exercises is really inspiring for me and my training.

    1. Katie

      This is great! Thanks for following. I stopped prep for a little while because I was going through some stressful times, hoping to pick back up soon for a different show!

  4. Kim

    How does the gallon of water intake work to fight weight gain?

    1. Katie

      It keeps you full and helps muscles grow!!!

  5. Ariel

    can’t wait for the trail mix cookies!

    1. Katie

      I promise to get them up soon! Slacker alert lol

  6. Renee

    Ugh. Tuesdays are the worst.

    1. Katie

      I’ve hated Tuesdays since I was a little kid! It’s like they haunt me!

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