A Monday Appearance

Hi friends!

No one said working full time, planning a wedding , and trying to have some sort of social life and down time would be easy. So that’s where I’ve been!

We have some catching up to do, but today I’m just going to dip my toes in the water a bit because yet again, I’m racing the clock and really don’t have time today for a full catch up post.

Tony and I are 2 and a half months away from our big day. I cannot believe it! It seems like just yesterday this was happening:

Our first official date as a couple. I barely reconize Tony in this picture because he had a hardcore diet face going on, but hey I fell in love with that diet face šŸ˜‰ And seriously, where are my eyebrows? So glad I have those back! It took me a YEAR to grow them back and I still have gaps, but I fill them in.

Speaking of, yesterday I had my bridal hair and makeup trial and it went fabulous. While of course I can’t share pictures of what I looked like, I will say I kept getting compliments on my full brows. Ladies if you don’t touch them, they WILL grow. You just have to give it time and a lot of patience. I know there were plenty of times I wanted to just pluck away to make them look presentable again, but I wouldn’t. I’m glad I held out.

Sorry for the mega picture of myself, but see? Totally worth not touching them!

Yesterday made the upcoming day seem super real. Plus, we started to get some RSVPs back. How exciting. I know no matter what the day is like, how many people come, or whether or not everything runs smoothly, the only thing that matters is Tony and I will be husband and wife.

I keep teasing Phoebe saying “You’re going to be a HOFFER!”

You see, Phoebe was around before Tony, so she hasn’t had that last name either. We will change together my Phoebs. šŸ˜‰

Miss Hazel has always been a Hazel Hoffer šŸ™‚

I hope you have a great start to the week.



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  1. Annie

    I havent read your blog in so long due to my busy schedule. It’s crazy so much has changed since then and you are engaged!!! Congrats!!!

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