ABSolutely Confident

Yesterday morning I woke up late and panicked. I rushed around my apartment, gathered Phoebe’s food and water, threw on clothes, grabbed my lunch, and headed out the door.

Didn’t even have time to pour my almond milk and shake my protein up, so I grabbed my coconut berry protein muffins and my greek yogurt instead.

I actually ended up getting to work a few minutes before I usually do! And no I didn’t speed.

Yesterday was pretty rough for me. My knees were aching bad, my reflux was out of control (hmmmm wonder what did it, probably those 6 cups of coffee I chugged the day before), and I had a lot to do. I was so crabby. I hate when I’m crabby!

I did have my lunch though!

Jumbled lunch!
Jumbled lunch!
Also had some freeze dried strawberries and bananas
Also had some freeze dried strawberries and bananas

4 o’clock hit and I still had some things to tie up. I decided to go into lightening speed mode to get out on time. SUCCESS! Well okay 15 minutes later, but still reasonable.

I went to the gym for an hour before heading home, and decided it was a cardio day! My arms have been super sore these past 2 days, so thought it was best to avoid lifting. I have also been feeling a tad bloated, so I needed a little cardio detox and some ab work too!

I hit the arc trainer for a good 45 minutes. I actually felt like I could have gone longer, but didn’t because I like to be home for Phoebs.

Then some hard ab training:

  • 45 second planks, on elbows x 2
  • Side planks with rotating oblique twist x 10, hip dips down and up x 10, and top leg straight leg lifts x 10 (you are doing a side plank balancing on one leg, takes practice!) This takes about a minute. Do on both sides!
  • Pilates V ups x 10, 2 sets
  • The Hundred
  • Bicycle Crunches x 15 each side, 2 sets
  • Pilates roll up x 15
  • Rolling like a ball x 12
  • Alternating pilates leg crunch (bring head and shoulders off mat, legs up to ceiling, lower one leg a few inches above mat and crunch body up with arms on either side of that leg, alternating sides back and forth. 30 alternating
  • Regular oblique crunches
  • Mountain climbers x 30 seconds x 2
  • Oblique knee twists in a plank on hands (alternate crunching knees in diagonally) x 30
  • Planks on hands hopping feet wide and narrow x 10, 2 sets

Fierce ab workout!

I was also admiring my shoulders in the mirror!

Starting to get some vascularity down the bicep. Can't see it much here, but it's there!
Starting to get some vascularity down the bicep. Can’t see it much here, but it’s there!

At home I made some leftovers for dinner while watching my regular shows (The Chew, Ellen). American Idol was also DVR’d and I just had it on in the background while I did other stuff. I’m forcing myself to watch it…. I keep hoping it gets better, but I think it’s getting worse?

Then I was looking at the collection of apples on my counter. I have so many and even though I eat 2 a day, some of them were not so sweet. I hate when this happens! Not throwing them away, so alternative here I come!

Since I’ve turned into a clean eater, I’ve missed my jams! Even the sugar free jams obviously have preservatives and chemicals in them. So hello Chia Apple Butter!

Homemade clean eating Chia Apple Butter
Homemade clean eating Chia Apple Butter

Click the picture for the recipe šŸ™‚ It couldn’t be more simple!

Half way through the work week! Shortened weekend coming up for me too. I am moving my schedule to Monday-Thursday indefinitely. Friday’s off in my future! šŸ™‚ I’ll take it!

Still a strong skinny minnie! With doggy treats surrounding me.
Still a strong skinny minnie! With doggy treats surrounding me- notice my smirk. It’s Phoebe’s closet, not mine

I have been feeling so confident lately about my progress and changes! And life in general. I’ve come very far from the woman I was 2 years ago, not just weight wise. Trapped in the never ending medicine text book and seeing no end in sight, I’m now in a surgical setting, working with great people, and feeling successful. It’s funny how things turn out too. In PA school I said well I know for sure the one thing I won’t ever have is a surgery job! Here I am! šŸ™‚

My days can be long, but they are rewarding, and I still get my butt in the gym almost every single day. I feel awesome when I leave and usually have more energy to do some other tasks at home.

So if you are in a rut in life, it’s cliche to say, but things do get better. Set goals for yourself and you will get there. It just takes time and effort šŸ™‚

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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