All the Busy Things

Hi friends and HAPPY FRIDAY!

My Friday started off with a whole lot of tears. I had to drop off Miss Hazel this morning for surgery. There were people in front of me also dropping off their pets (I wait until the last possible moment) and when I watched them hand off theirs, I cried. Not even my pet. I can’t help myself, just seeing those little scared pups makes my heart break into a million pieces. I take after my dad 100%, we are super softies when it comes to the fur babies.

This morning. Both of them looking at me like “mama why are you so down?”. I whole heartedly believe dogs pick up on your emotions. Whenever I get sick Phoebe is an angel and just snuggles me.

Phoebe was super positive about it though and said Hazel will be just fine 🙂

So what am I doing today to pass the time until I can pick up my Haze? Well first stop was Starbucks. Originally I thought I’d go home and try to take a nap and when I realized that was absolutely foolish because I wouldn’t sleep being anxious, I stopped for a latte instead. So here I am being productive blogging by the power of espresso and a little iHeartRadio Friday jam session.

Also on the list, fixing up this oldie but goodie recipe.

Photography AND recipe. This was my clean eating turkey chili. I haven’t made it in ages, but it needs a little revamp.

Gym is also on the list.

Stress, anxiety, and worry makes for a great gym session! You have to get it all out of your system.

I also have a stop over to G-Mama and Pop Pops. A little extra puppy company might do more damage than good, but I love the Pom pack!

What I will be avoiding today: going to any store. Whenever I’m stressed or upset about something I’ll go to the mall, Home Goods, or one of my regular spots for shopping. I do not need to buy a darn thing right now with our wedding around the corner! The only thing I should be shopping for is for our wedding registry (still need to finish that thing), and I can easily do that online without adding anything to my cart!

Does anyone else do this? Get pissed off and go shopping? It’s not a good combo and I don’t suggest you start trying it.

I should probably go OUTSIDE today. It’s done nothing but RAIN RAIN RAIN for the past month here in Maryland. Our backyard is like a swamp! The sun has finally come out and it feels so good! Our community pool is open but I don’t think it’s warm enough yet for any of that.

Plus, tan lines and wedding dresses… that doesn’t mix. I probably am going to be super pale for the wedding, but I’d rather be pale than have crazy tan lines.

Alright, well I am off to do all the things to take my mind off my girl. Please keep her in your puppy thoughts!

Those eyes! 🙂



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