Better Late Than Never

Hi friends! Happy Monday 🙂

I’m late to the game this morning, and I wasn’t going to post at all, but decided to post anyway.

This weekend was beautiful in Maryland. Blue skies, sunshine and warm weather.  I didn’t see much at all except looking outside my windows. I was mama bear this weekend taking care of Hazel after her surgery. It’s amazing how dogs act just like people sometimes. All Hazel wanted was her mama since she didn’t feel good.

We ditched the cone of shame since I was with her all during the day and could keep an eye on her, but at night she got the “Pro Collar”.  I highly recommend this over the plastic cone they give you at the vet. Much more comfortable and she could actually get some sleep in the thing.

It was A LOT of TV watching for this gal this weekend because every time I left the room she’d cry. I’m a little concerned as to what will happen tomorrow when I go to work. And even more concerned for myself because I’m going to worry all day long. You guys know my pups are not just animals to me. I’m well aware there are plenty of crazy fur mom and dads out there who are similar, so that makes me feel better 😉

I did however finish my wedding registry this weekend. Phew that’s taken care of, even though it says I don’t have enough on there for all my guests to give something, but I told Tony we aren’t going to add things just to add them. Obviously for us, we bought a house before we got married, so we have a lot of things already. Fancy appliances most couples beg for as gifts? I have all those thanks to blogging. Vitamix, Kitchen Aid, Ninja, food processors, you name it we have it. I do however have items that NEED upgrading desperately. The crock pot with the burned off knob (not sure how that even happened),  glass Tupperware that I’ve been wanting to purchase, and we can ALWAYS use new sheets since the pups sleep with us.

Tony’s really hoping for an air fryer. Does anyone have one?

I did some research on them a few months ago and I’m still not sure it’s 100% worth the investment, and I’ve heard it’s quite a pain to clean. But then friends have said it’s amazing. Those friends however are bodybuilders and always hungry so not sure that’s the most reliable source. 😉

Any must haves for you guys for wedding registry? Or when you bought your first home? I think the thing I want the most is a nice trash can. How nerdy, but we DO need a good trash can!

I think everyone is going to skip right by it because no one wants to give the bride a trash can, but no I really do want it 😉

I hope you guys have a great start to the week!



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