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Hello Gang!

I am happy to say I am starting to feel back to my normal self. No one likes stress, but I didn’t handle it as well as I should have. Onto being positive! And speaking of positivity I have to say I was definitely feeling the love yesterday morning when I checked my e-mail. Seems as if I was missed. Makes me feel good that you guys like reading my silly little thoughts šŸ™‚

If you are reading this around 8am Eastern time I am probably somewhere outside of a PetSmart in Maryland crying and jumping in front of the groomers clippers screaming “DON’T DO IT!”. Miss Buffay is getting groomed today and I’m not talking a little hair trim. A full shave…

It’s summer (officially today), it’s hot, and Phoebe pants CONSTANTLY. I’m sure you realize from pictures she’s just a big fluff ball. Imagine walking around in 80 degree weather with multiple fur coats on and never being able to take it off. Her hair is so thick and I feel bad for her. Yes it’s absolutely beautiful, but I also want her to be comfortable. My biggest concern is some Pomeranians carry the gene for alopecia, which is hair loss. The groomers warned me and asked me to confirm I knew I was at risk for the hair not growing back. I said yes I knew, when really it’s all I’ve worried about.


The before. Yes she just dunked her face in the water dish... don't judge her ;)
The before. Yes she just dunked her face in the water dish… don’t judge her šŸ˜‰

Stay tuned tomorrow for an after picture… don’t be surprised if I chickened out!

Work wasn’t a bad day for me. I kept pretty busy. This week was definitely overwhelming for me. Plus the plastic surgery PA was on vacation, so I was doing a lot of things she normally does on top of my job. I really enjoy plastics though so I don’t mind.

Lunch included shrimp! Haven’t had that in a while. It wasn’t on my approved list, but it’s high in protein and low fat, similar to a white fish, so I’m eating it now.

shrimp for meal 3
shrimp for meal 3

I left work early since I had a lot of overtime from Monday, and was ready to hit the gym! Time to sweat away the worries. Best way to get rid of the day is through a workout. I started with sprints on the treadmill. I really power through those babies when I’m ticked off šŸ˜‰

Hair was up all day and look pretty waves! It doesn't always happen this way, luck of the draw... and then I realized how uneven my shoulders are
Hair was up all day and look pretty waves! It doesn’t always happen this way, luck of the draw… and then I realized how uneven my shoulders are

I really need to work on my posture for the competition. My shoulders are naturally uneven, it’s not like I hunch one way. Perhaps I should look into a chiropractor for proper alignment.

Tried to correct it... still off!
Tried to correct it… still off!

One more go at this

hand on hip fixes everything
hand on hip fixes everything

After my cardio I did chest and triceps. It feels good to be going up with my weights. I can now do standing assisted tricep dips with only a 25 lb assistance for my weight. (so I can almost dip my whole body weight). Actually it was probably a little less because I had one foot on the lever, barely touching it. One day I’m not going to need it at all!

Buff lady
Buff lady

When I came home Phoebe and I went for a walk. I’ve kind of been a bad mother lately and not showing her much attention. But we have 3 whole days together šŸ™‚

So this one was a little blurry because she jumped but it cracks me up. She's saying "HEY LOOK AT ME!"
So this one was a little blurry because she jumped but it cracks me up. She’s saying “HEY LOOK AT ME!”

Today I have lots to do! Squeezing it all in but going to enjoy the day too.

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ LittleOneRuns

    That’s awesome you got out early!! Ahhh! So excited to see Little Miss Phoebe Buffay’s haircut :D. Dang girl, I swear your getting buffer and buffer by the day. Love your waves in that picture :). Hahaha She must have been hot to dip into the water. Have a great day šŸ™‚

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