Bulgur with a Kick

I know you are thinking what the heck is bulgur? This chick just gets weirder and weirder…

Well, it may sound weird, but don’t you get sick of boring brown rice? I do! I rarely eat brown rice anymore because there are so many more nutritious options out there to choose from.

Bulgur is a quick cooking whole wheat that is high in vitamin B, fiber, iron and phosphorous. A vegetarians best friend! Since I don’t get vitamin B from meat, I substitute in other ways 🙂

It is 100% whole grain and has a great nutty flavor, you can pair it with anything.

I decided to make a spicy version of bulgur, and took it up a notch with some beans, corn, and hot sauce! Mmmmm

For this recipe you will need:

-1/2 cup of Bulgur (I use Bob’s Red Mill Brand- find in the health/organic aisle, or any health food store)
-1 cup of water
-1/2 tsp of minced garlic
-1/4 cup of diced white onion
-1/3 cup of red kidney beans
-1/3 cup of yellow corn
-1/2 Tablespoon of cumin
-1 Tablespoon of hot sauce (or more if you like it super spicy)
-pepper to taste

Start  by cooking your bulgur. Take 1/2 cup of the grain, add 1 cup of water and bring to a boil. Once it start’s boiling, reduce the heat, cover and bring to a simmer for 12 minutes

Cooking Bulgur

While this was cooking, I started with my onion and garlic. Heat in a pan until the onion turns translucent

Onion and Garlic for Bulgur

Add your corn and beans to the pan. I always buy lower sodium canned products and rinse them again at home before adding to my dishes

Corn and Beans Cooking Bulgur filling

Cook until there is a little bit of brown on the corn, I added my pepper now

Healthy bulgur filling

Your bulgur should be finished by now, check on it 🙂

If not all the water is absorbed, cook a TAD longer, but keep an eye on this! If you cook too long it'll stick to the pot very easily
If not all the water is absorbed, cook a TAD longer, but keep an eye on this! If you cook too long it’ll stick to the pot very easily

Add the corn/bean pan to the bulgur, top with cumin, and stir

Adding to bulgur
Sorry so dark! I cooked this before I had my camera!

Now add your hot sauce. I love Texas Pete Buffalo Wing Sauce because it’s what I grew up on, but add the hot sauce you like!

Love this stuff
Love this stuff
Looking healthy and yum
Looking healthy and yum

Serve or keep in tupperware for future dinners for the week!

A spicy version I made :)
A spicy version I made 🙂

This will keep for about a week in the fridge! You can freeze it too, but since it’s so quick to cook I recommend just making it fresh 🙂

Happy eating…

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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