Christmas Laughs

Good Morning friends, Happy Friday, and for those that celebrate, I hope you had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


I have to say it was a pretty great Christmas at the Skinny Minnie household. Okay, well we actually went to my parents, but we had a wonderful day! I ate WAY too much, and all of the things I ate didn’t really belong in a food group. Oh boy… Egg whites for breakfast you say? Well no, I’d rather have these snow caps and cookies thank you. (Yes, that happened).




Ehhhhh It’s ONE DAY! I lived a little. Here, let’s start with all of the things I ate because I enjoy that the most on blogs 😉


My parents didn’t have a coffee pot in the house and my Dad is just too good to his Minnie Pooh. He went to Starbucks Christmas morning for me 🙂



IMG_4487 IMG_4502

Gotta have that healthy dinner ya know! Multiple rolls may have been included…


My mom made this cake and I couldn’t say no.

There is NOTHING like a homemade cake. It brings back memories of birthdays when I was a kid.


So what did Santa bring me? Lot’s of GOOD STUFF! I’m not that hard to buy for because let’s be real, I like everything. I like shiny things, I like pretty plates and bowls. I like things I can use for my blog, and I like Lululemon.


It’s rose gold!



FINALLY! I was so excited.


Lulu, of course.


Sock Love


Friends reference: “Does anyone even know what an Apothecary is? It’s a Pharmacist..”



This box was the most fun to open. Inside was a ton of stuff my Mom and Dad picked out from the cutest boutique in Annapolis. All kitchen things, cute little jars, bowls, etc. that I can use for my recipes and photos!

I was happy I was able to return the favor with lots of fun things for my niece, sis, and brother in law, and then my parents. I was MOST excited about the gift I was giving to G-Mama, which were Banksy prints. For those who don’t know he was the NYC street artist that popped up everywhere a few months back. He would do beautiful controversial pieces all over the city. My mom followed it every day and I was able to surprise her with 2 of them. That’s what Christmas is about! Yes, of course I like my stuff, but seeing my Mommy surprised was the greatest 🙂


So who made out the best? That winner would have to go to the DOGS! They probably had 30 gifts (I wish I was exaggerating).  I bought them lots of treats and toys, my parents also bought things, and Bella wanted to get them everything in sight too. Wow my girls are set for a while.




I also had a lot of fun just laughing with my family. It’s so rare that this happens anymore. We are grown up, lead different lives, and are crazy busy with everything. My sister and her husband have a million things going on with my niece, and I have a million things going on with my full time job, the blog, and everything else.

My niece got a really cool 4 wheeler and me being a trouble maker, I hopped on the back.


Man does that thing go fast! Here was my face:



After dinner we played Twister, and I can’t tell you the last time I genuinely laughed that hard. We thought someone slipped something in the dinner 😉 That’s how hard we were all laughing. And laughter is contagious, so it kept going.



Laughing so hard!

And of course Phoebe had to jump on the Twister mat because she has to be close to me. My sister said oh my I hope she doesn’t pee on it… SHE DIDN’T! Win for Mommy 😉


We finally made it back to the apartment around night time and Phoebe was happy to be in her own bed. We slept in SUPER late and it felt good. After composing myself and feeling like I could function after the food coma, I hit the gym. Even though eating can be fun, I couldn’t do it all the time. My body doesn’t like it #1. I feel bloated, gross, and my stomach starts talking to me it makes so many noises.

And here’s where I admit I am a normal woman. I’m a fitness blogger and like many others I can sit here and say it’s one day, indulge and enjoy and burn it off tomorrow! Well, I’d love to say that, but I’d be a hypocrite. I completely PANICKED. I know it’s one silly day and will not ruin my shape, but when you work SO HARD to keep weight off and it’s your livelihood, you tend to freak out. I thought oh my gosh it’s going to take forever to take it off, why did I eat all of that, blah blah.


I saw one of my friends posted this on Instagram and I cracked up!

After I got over the freak out, I said okay just hit the gym, pretend it never happened, and stop looking at yourself like the old Katie. So there you have it. See, NORMAL! It’s normal to have days where you feel defeated. A person who is 100% confident all the time is lying to them self and everyone around them. So it’s okay if you feel bad about things one day, just don’t make it a habit 🙂 As you guys know I like to keep my blog as real as possible! I’m not about the facade.


So Thursday I went back to the gym! 2 hours and 20 minutes of madness which included back and biceps and an hour and five minutes of cardio. I don’t do straight cardio anymore because I like to keep my heart rate up during cardio, so it’s better to break it into sections! Cardio for the post food coma:

  1. 22 minutes HIIT stepmill
  2. 15 minutes HIIT treadmill sprints
  3. 28 minutes stepmill HIIT and side climbs


Sweat it out!

Hopefully some of those cookies and peppermint bark disappeared!


Back at home I opened my beautiful KitchenAid! I love the color. So retro and so Minnie!


I used one of the attachments and shredded veggies and some cheese


And Phoebs? Well she was exhausted. Christmas took a toll on the little one



So that was my holiday! Back to the grind of working out hard and eating healthy and as clean as possible. Don’t wait until January 1st! This week counts too 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Tam

    Hi. Hope you had a great Xmas. What do you do for you hiit treadmill sprints? Do u combine running fast with walking. I need to do sprints in my week but never sure how to properly incorporate them. Thanks for being honest, I think everyone feels paniced over their body. Makes you feel normal 🙂 all the best xx

    1. Katie

      Hi Tam! I sprint for 45 seconds to a minute, then walk for a minute to 1:15. I always put the incline up to 1 or 2% too. I think this works better than a regular steady run, especially for fat burn! Occasionally if I want to be “outdoors-y” I will run sprints up the hill in my neighborhood, but it’s cold here so haven’t been doing that much.

  2. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Happy to hear you had a great Christmas!! I did the exact same thing. Christmas night I was freaking out over what I had ate, and I reminded and had my boyfriend reminding me that it’s only a day. Then the next day, back to clean eats and working out :). OMG, love that picture of the cat hahahaha too funny. We do the same and get the dogs treats, maybe not as many, but they get gifts too :).
    Um, I must say, you still look amazing!!! Can’t even tell you ate all that food! Have a great Friday 🙂

    1. Katie

      Thanks Chels 🙂 It’s crazy how one day can make us go insane huh? I’ve done cheat meals before, but I think all the sweets just made me go crazy lol

  3. Tara

    I know its easy to say, ‘its just one day,’ or ‘live and enjoy’ which is what I do. BUT, I do understand that even though you are not so much upset about what you ate, its how you FEEL!
    Eating foods that you dont typically eat, can really make you feel so bloated, heavy and gross.
    That is what I get upset about …the way I feel. And honestly, that is what gets me back on track the next day with my workouts and eating right again.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Katie

      Yes, I felt like POO! I did get in a good workout the next day, but I felt like a different person. I know I didn’t magically put on 5-10 lbs overnight, but I felt like I did! It’s such a mental game huh?

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