Double Those Legs

Hi friends! Happy Monday šŸ™‚

I am back at work, but a short week is ahead for me since I planned some vacation days a few months back.

Yesterday, Phoebe and I had MAJOR plans to get up early, do some work, hit the gym, and come home to do more work. Well that turned into oversleeping. She talked me into it! When a dog sleeps upside down with her paws in the air, she’s screaming to sleep longer. Miss Buffay wins again.

And then she had a case of the crazies playing with her olive oil top. I have probably spent a few hundred dollars (such an under estimate) on toys and the top of an olive oil spray can is her favorite.


I did get some work done in the morning, a good chunk of it, so I was able to hit the gym around 1pm and continue with my leg madness! Yes two leg days this weekend folks. Legs are my main focus for the rest of this prep. Since I’ve leaned out and lost body fat, I’ve also lost some of my round tush (after all it’s fat). Don’t be fooled by women in magazines and even on Instagram who show a nice plump booty with a teeny waist. Posing changes the look of the bottom drastically. I can make my butt look like nothing in one picture, and then pop it a little and make it look huge. The magic of angles šŸ™‚


Hardly any booty…

IMG_7821 IMG_7822

BAM more booty!

So I hit legs with the game plan of mixing up heavy weights and doing things unweighted to prevent fatigue. I also have to do my cardio like I used to (in the middle of my workout) because otherwise I get too tired at the end that I can’t manage it.

Here is some of my leg workout:

  • Hack squat single leg squats. Here I use the hack squat machine (the one that looks like a chair and has the handles at the top). I cross ONE ankle over the knee (go a little above the knee) and squat down and up. Not only does it work the single leg, but it works the hip flexor on the other leg. Genius! 4 sets each leg


  • In between sets I used the calf press but lifted myself off the seat, balancing my back against the top of the seat. This gives a bonus hamstring workout!


Next up the dreaded Bulgarian Split Squat. These hurt so good, but super effective on the tush. I used a 50 lb bar (the 40 was taken, but hey I will take the extra push!) and propped my back leg up on a box step. 8 reps of each side THEN 10 jump squats– INSANITY! I repeated 4 times.

I did more lunge work, this time long stride walking lunges across the gym floor. I did 24 reps, 3 sets of each kind:

  • walking lunge with a high kick
  • walking lunge with a knee
  • regular walking lunge

I also did plenty of regular squats and such, but you guys know how to do those. So here is a little video of a fun home workout you can do. All you need is a smooth floor surface and some paper towels or spare rags šŸ™‚

After my leg workout I practiced my posing.


At one point a guy came in and I was glad he did. I decided to continue what I was doing as if I had an audience. I have to say my posing changed. I was nervous, I tripped, and I was jerky. So from now on I want to keep posing with people in the room because if I did that with one person, imagine a whole crowd! However he did start break dancing (I guess he was practicing for something too) and it was pretty darn cool.


I like to take progress pictures especially so I can look at what I’m doing wrong. My shoulders… YIKES! So uneven.


They are a little uneven from my scoliosis anyway, but I really need to focus on keeping them aligned for this competition.

And here I am giving it my best “Britney Spears”. I feel like she always does this pose.


Home was my normal meal prepping stuff! Besides blogging, my other work projects were an after thought. Time goes too fast on the weekends! Not enough time to get everything done.

Try out the paper towel workout. Even if you aren’t at the gym give it a whirl at home during a commercial break for a little burn!

Make Monday count šŸ™‚

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    I’ve been seeing a lot of people using rags for workouts on hard wood floors. I wish I had hard wood floors (and my gym is at home in the garage)!!! Wow, just from the last time you took pictures, you can tell you’ve leaned out some more. You’re going to do great at your comp!!

    1. Katie

      Thanks Chelsea. Yes the rag workouts work!

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