You Were Going To Drink the Fat!

Remember the Friends episode “The One Where No One is Ready” ? This has to be one of my favorites. Ross is panicking because he has a big event at the museum and they need to get out of the door STAT! Yet, a million things keep happening to prevent that, including Joey putting on all of Chandlers clothes. And let’s not forget Rachel getting so upset at Ross for blowing up at her that she suggests he drink “the fat” to make up for it.


Funny story. When I make chicken breast I always trim off the fat for Miss Buffay. Place it in baggies, and then cut it up for her to have during the week. Well this particular time I made buffalo tenders. I do not roll Phoebes in hot sauce, no worries!


Anyway, on with the story… I place all my chicken in my tupperware for my appropriate portions, but this time I had an ounce or two left over, so I placed in a bag in the fridge. When dinner BOMBED that night (the fish was too fishy), I went grabbing for the extra chicken. Yummy right?

The next morning as I go to grab my portioned meals, I saw the ounce of chicken staring back at me. WHAT?


I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. It was so heavily spiced, and sliced so thin I really couldn’t tell! And I was starving, so again I couldn’t tell. There was no point in getting upset, it was already consumed and gone. I had no other choice but to increase my cardio the next day.

Just a funny story I thought I’d share. Ross Gellar you feel my pain….


Since I ate the fat, my gym session meant more cardio than normal. I killed about 50 minutes worth! 20 on the arc trainer with sprints, and 30 on the step mill with a cool down. I probably didn’t need all of that, but it felt good regardless. Bikini prep is nothing but a mind game.


Giving my best bikini girl pose 😉

And selfies wouldn’t be complete without a funny Phoebe photo bomb. This time I was making a funny face at her and when I looked back at the picture I realized she was sticking her tongue out at me. Classic Phoebs…


I decided to combine back and shoulders since I need to hit legs 2 times a week now, with some extra glute action mid week. Here are a few  exercises to do that I included yesterday (this is not all of them):


  • Rear delt fly machine, 12 reps. In between EACH SET grab 8-10 lb weights, face the other direction so you are seated in a chair position. Bend from the waist so your chin is overtop your knees, and do more bent over rear delt fly’s using the weights. It’ll kill!
  • T bar row dead lifts. This is how I prefer to do my dead lifts now. I feel like I have more control. I use the T bar machine to dead lift. Same form applies. Works the low back and those hamstrings!
  • Single arm upright row using cables. I piled on the weight and did 30-40 lbs on each side for 8-10 reps.
  • Hook punches. In a plie squat position, I hold at the bottom and alternate hook punches for 24 reps. I did about 3 sets.
  • Forward barbell raise x 12 reps, alternating with 5 bosu pushups. Gotta keep the blood pumping!


I have to be constantly moving at the gym. I don’t like to wait around for machines, or have long breaks between sets. If I’m waiting for a muscle to recover for my next set, I’ll pick up a plate and do side bends or something else!



Definitely seeing more changes! Officially 8 weeks out and it terrifies me! Here’s a two week comparison in my bikini.


Ready to take on the next 8 weeks for sure 🙂

At home I started a new exciting project. I know what you’re thinking “Doesn’t this girl have enough on her plate?”. Well yes, I DO! But I dream big and dreams are not hand delivered. I have to go out and get them. Baby steps to get there, but steps none the less.


Phoebe helped me. I call this my “brain board”.


All my ideas go down on this. Brainstorming is the first step!

Today I hit legs again; have to get it done! Have a wonderful Sunday and don’t eat or drink the fat 😉


XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. tam

    ahh love the hoodie! I can definitely see changes in your body, goes to show when you put in the effort, it pays off! I am enjoying hearing about your competition prep, especially the workouts, Good Luck with it all !! Tam x

    1. Katie

      Thanks tam! Your support means a lot! 🙂

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