I Heart You

Happy Valentines Day Lovers!

Here in Maryland, we received A LOT of snow. I’m talking A LOT! Well for those in Michigan, Alaska, Colorado, maybe it’s not a lot to you guys, but for Marylanders we normally do not get this much! We were hit with 13- 24 inches of snow depending on your location. I think we had a little over 15 here? I’m not sure and I really don’t have any cool pictures to show because Phoebe and I stayed on the couch all day long. So yes I didn’t go into work. Most of the heavy snow came in the middle of the night and every time it’s even snowed a little and I go to work at 5am the roads are a NIGHTMARE. I stayed safe in my warm, cozy apartment with my little ball of fur!


This picture was from my balcony this morning. A lot has already melted thank goodness. Minnie needs to get out today! I need more veggies and hopefully some gym time (feeling a little under the weather), but I can’t let a little hurt stop me now.

So yesterday we didn’t really stay on the couch all day we were busy moving furniture all around!


Oh wait… that wasn’t us… THAT WAS ROSS! šŸ˜‰

Such a classic episode. Yes the REAL Phoebe Buffay and I had a friends marathon of course. What else are you supposed to do in a foot of snow?


Coffee, pup, pillows and blankets, jammies, baby blanket (don’t judge). CHECK!

I always give Phoebe a little something to chew on while we sit on the couch, otherwise she won’t leave me alone because she wants puppy massage time.


I have my pillow fortress and she has hers. We are two peas in a pod!

In fact last night I saw a comment on my Instagram account that I missed somewhere along the way. A reader said we look alike and make the same face when we are excited about something. I thought it was hysterical. They say pets look like their owners… so after looking I said MAN SHE’S RIGHT!


And my progress has been coming along great. The after the gym shot below was from Tuesday. It was a HARD day at work for me and it shows all over my face. Still made it to the gym though!


I’ve also been practicing posing and figuring out how to make my waist look super teeny (that’s the look they go for).


No, I will not be wearing Uggs on stage šŸ˜‰


Fluffy tail always in the shot!


And arms are definitely improving too!


This coming week I will probably increase leg days to 2 times a week. My arms have always been my best asset, so as long as I keep training them, come show time I think I will be fine. It’s legs I need to focus on now.

This shot was from this morning and I am so happy that I’m starting to get abs without even sucking in! Every one sucks it in… we can’t help ourselves. Even on stage I have to, but I have to find the ways to make it look “natural” and not like I’m trying hard.


Tomorrow I will get back to posting workout stuff. Since yesterday was a complete blah day, I can’t really remember what I did the other days!

And on a final note, I’ve been receiving a lot of comments and e-mails regarding my “transformation” already. People asking me what to eat, how much, etc. to get lean. The diet I am following is not a realistic one for every day life. It’s 6 small meals a day, HIGH protein, low sugar, etc. Like I said I’m never hungry, but it’s really hard to keep up with all this so if you are not competing I do not recommend doing this for your own sanity! Yes I am doing it the healthy way of course, but it’s harder on my psych than on my body. When I am not competing, I will go back to eating my normal healthy 3 meals a day with 2 snacks. I just don’t think this is realistic all year round because you are likely to go crazy! Believe me, I’ve had quite a few breakdowns already. But I see the goal in sight. I’m a person who HAS TO have multiple goals to keep moving in life. This is just one off the bucket list!

Have a great day and I HEART YOU ALL!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top on this special Valentines Day,

-Minnie AND Phoebe

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  1. tam

    ahhh pivot! I love that episode of friends, so funny. I wish I had abs like yours, keep up the hard work. I understand how hard it must be but you are an inspiration, keep that goal in mind and you will be great. Have a good weekend. Tam xx

  2. Rose

    Hi Minnie!! Love the updates on your transformation šŸ™‚ I just wanted to say you should update your before/after page…. your arms are so cute and skinny on all those pics!
    By the way thanks for the fluff recipie, enjoying a fluff with vanilla/banana/blackberries right now!!

    1. Katie

      I KNOW! I need to! I was trying to wait until I was half way through my prep. Even pictures take LOTS of time to upload. My figure has changed so much since starting things blog! I have 2 work days off next week so hopefully I can get that accomplished, it’s been on my to do list, trust me! šŸ˜€ thanks for reading!

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