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Good Morning. It’s Thursday. Happy dance, shaking my booty and giving my general surgery PA’s high fives. We all have Friday’s off so it’s our thing to wish each other a happy Thursday. I do like my job guys in case you were wondering! It’s just very stressful and busy at times.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you some things I’ve been eating lately. Everyone loves a food post! Plus it’s all SUPER DUPER CLEAN!


Isn’t this lunch tray cool? It’s tupperware and it folds into itself for easy storage. It even comes with a utensil that’s a fork on one side, spoon on the other. Plus the lid has a place for condiments. In here are the essentials: chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes and nuttzo butter (buy me on my right side bar). There is also mixed veggies with that flax seasoning I showed you. It’s SO GOOD. I put it on everything!



This is what I call a SUPER dinner! Shrimp, raw kale, brussels sprouts with olive oil, and some broccoli. This dish is loaded with Vitamin A, C, and K, along with tons of iron and potassium! Eat these up 😉

I also found a new fish in BJ’s. This is a sea bass called Barramundi and it’s SUPER lean. Same as a tilapia: 1 gram of fat and 90 calories, but it’s thick and flaky. I love it. It’s not real fishy either.


I used some Garlic and Herb Mrs. Dash on it. Fab!


I only have one piece left of it too 🙁


My new favorite way to eat egg whites and get my fats in without the yolk. This is 5 hard boiled egg whites, 1/5 of a medium sized avocado, some lime juice and 1 Tablespoon of greek yogurt. BETTER than any egg salad! The lime and avocado make it pop. A great post-workout meal. Try it out 🙂

And some more shrimp!


Chives and a teeny bit of the mango sauce I purchased the other day at MOM’s Organic Market. Only 5 calories for the sauce and hardly any sodium. WIN.


Yesterday at the gym I made it a tricep day incorporating some standing ab work. The gym was packed of course since it is still January. I hit lifting first because I changed it up this week by doing my cardio last.

Here was my workout:

SUPERSET #1: 3 sets

  • Bench skull crushers, 40 lb bar, 10 reps
  • Bench tricep rib cage press, 40 lb bar, 10 reps
  • Tricep rib cage press INTO a skull crusher, 40 lb bar, 5 reps

SUPERSET #2: 4 sets

  • Cable tricep push downs, 50-60 lbs, 10-12 reps
  • Cable torso twists using the medium length bar. Turn the bar on the cable vertical in front of you, shoulders down and back, twist from the waist and pull away from the cables, go back in.  It’ll work your arms at the same time. Came up with this one yesterday! I love it.

SUPERSET #3: 4 sets

  • Tricep overhead extensions standing. 25 lb weight, 12 reps
  • Standing oblique ab crunch (elbow to knee) holding 12.5 lb weight, 10 reps

SUPERSET # 4: 4 sets

  • Tricep pushbacks holding 12.5 lb weights. Arms down and straight, slightly behind your hips, overhand grip. Push your arms back further and then bring in. 12 reps
  • Captains chair crunch, 10 reps


30 minutes on the spin bike for some cardio to finish things out. I did it HIIT style. 1 minute sprint, followed by 1 minute cruise. Repeat 13 times for 26 minutes. Cool down for 4 minutes. Two-thirds of the spin bike workout was standing because it’s easier on my hip flexors.


Feeling strong!


 One more day of work to go and the weekend begins.


Have a great one 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Ugh I wish I liked fish!! At least it looks yummy :). I make something similar to that egg mixture, hard boiled eggs and avocado are super good together!! You’re looking great girl! Happy Friday to you :).

    1. Katie

      Thanks! Avocado is good in everything 🙂

  2. Kathleen

    All of that looks so yummy!!! I have been on a shrimp kick lately. What kind of shrimp do you buy?

    1. Katie

      I actually like to buy the jumbo frozen pre cooked shrimp with the tails on. I buy them in large bags from BJs. When I’ve purchased from Wegmans before I’ve been disappointed. These taste the best!

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