Exciting New Moves

Welcome to the Weekend!

I have to say I had a pretty great day off yesterday. Phoebe and I got up to coffee and blogging. She slept in her own bed the night before and wasn’t too happy about it. My first day off work I need the bed to myself so I can actually get a good nights rest. I knew I’d be up a couple times if I let her lay with me.

I started the first of my meals around 8:45. It included these little blueberry oatmeal cups! I ended up making these Thursday night sometime after midnight. I was a little stressed out, and when this happens I end up baking something. So you can pretty much bet that whenever I have some kind of healthy baked good up on my website that I was upset about something! Anyway Phoebe and I chowed down.

Little Blueberry Oatmeal Cups! I had to post this picture because Phoebe in the background is too darn funny! She's saying "hey I want that"
Little Blueberry Oatmeal Cups! I had to post this picture because Phoebe in the background is too darn funny! She’s saying “hey I want that”

Each one is about 38 calories, I had 5, well maybe less because she was a little hoggy woggy. Recipe is a click away!

After meal #1, I went to the land of beautiful produce and galore. WEGMANS! I swear I spend so much money here and I get coupons in the mail, but it’s only 5 bucks off. You would think they would give you more, but I guess they know I’m coming back regardless! It’s something about this darn store. I used to think Whole Foods was “the place to be”. Well Whole Foods is way too expensive, and you also cannot get regular food items there. Wegmans has it all! They really should hire me as a spokeswoman, I sell it so much šŸ™‚

Beautiful produce! I spent the bulk of my time here in this section of the store.
Beautiful produce! I spent the bulk of my time here in this section of the store.

I ended up getting different things this time. Some fresh mangoes, parsnips, broccolini, and arugula for G-Mama, plus my regular fruits and veggies!

Then I came across truffles, a decadent mushroom that costs as much as diamonds. For real guys, check it out…

I've never seen truffles in person but always have known they are ridiculously expensive. Well I didn't realize THAT expensive. Holy cow! How long do you think they've been sitting there?
I’ve never seen truffles in person but always have known they are ridiculously expensive. Well I didn’t realize THAT expensive. Holy cow! How long do you think they’ve been sitting there?

Sorry the picture is so dark, it was dim in this section of the store. I wonder if anyone has ever bought these here? If I was going to spend that much on truffles, I probably wouldn’t buy them from a regular grocery store… plus I’d rather have the diamonds.

Wegmans has a beautiful floral department. I came across these petite bouquets and didn’t want to take them around the store with me, so I said I’d pick them up on my way out. I totally forgot! I was so upset when I saw the picture in my phone. They were so pretty!

Petite Bouquets. So cute
Petite Bouquets. So cute

Here was my veggie portion of my cart

Here was my cart halfway through. Sorry no truffles ;)
my cart halfway through. Sorry no truffles šŸ˜‰

When I got home, I made meal number two which was protein fluff! This one was my normal almond milk, frozen banana, but had frozen mango, vanilla protein powder, and a little vanilla casein. Yum!

Fluff! The best thing I've ever come up with.
Fluff! The best thing I’ve ever come up with.

I got dressed in regular people clothes and a little makeup! I was really excited about my lipstick color. This was actually a combo of two lipsticks. Bottom was a deep red, top a very light pink to make this rose color! Loved it

Rose Lips!
Rose Lips!

Phoebe and I took a few morning pics after I was dressed and this one ended up being my favorite because she kissed my mouth right after she ate a really gross bone (it smells foul because of what it’s made from- I’ll spare you the ingredients), but she loves it so much, I won’t throw it away!

Ugh! Yucky chewy mouth! She's saying "whoops sorry"
Ugh! Yucky chewy mouth! She’s saying “whoops sorry”

Then I headed to look at new apartments. My apartment now is very nice, but I was thinking about wanting more space and a little upgrade for Phoebe and I. The place is literally across the street from my building now, but brand spanking new (although my building is not even 2 years old). I was very impressed, and found a lovely one with lots of open space and beautiful windows, but the kitchen was a little small. I explained my needs to the woman I was working with and she said she had it written down that I wanted more room, which was true. When I told her I am a blogger and spend 90% of the time in my kitchen she said I think I have an apartment for you.

Then I was brought to an AMAZING apartment that pretty much had the kitchen as a focal point. Long granite countertop, tray ceilings, and lighting that beamed down on the beautiful granite. I was immediately sold. The living space itself was tiny, but I don’t even use my living space now (seriously my couch is used to hold my folded laundry). There’s a separate little dining room I plan on using as my “blog office” too. I cannot tell you guys how excited I am about this! I plan on moving in the end of May, early June! What an exciting new move for Minnie and Phoebs! I think she is going to love our new home.

PLUS the gym in the building has a SMITH MACHINE! I almost went over and hugged it. You guys know I am Smith crazy. Now one in my own apartment building? My legs will be looking fab-u-lous. Oh and it’s in a complex with a Starbucks… yeah enough said! I’m going to be broke from walking there every single day.

After finding a new home, we headed to G-Mama and Pop Pops. I couldn’t wait to tell them about my new apartment! My dad offered to help me move when the time comes. Thanks Daddy Love you šŸ™‚

Exciting news #2 has to do with my blog. I am currently working with a designer to give my blog a makeover. It’s about that time I ditch the boring standard template and move to a custom made blog! Don’t worry, the website will still be the same address, and nothing will change with my posts and recipes, I just want an updated look. It will probably be at least 2 months before this happens, but I’m excited to share the news with you guys! I hope you will like it. The ideas I have for it are G-Mama and Pop Pop approved. They are my biggest fans, so it has to be good right?

While I chatted, I had my next meal. This was a skinny veggie wrap from Wegman’s. By far the best one I’ve purchased yet. I LOVED the dipping sauce. It was like a chili duck sauce, and the crunch in the wrap was so great. The avocado was a nice touch too. If I can ever find these darn rice paper wraps, I am making my own version of this.

Yummy avocado veggie wrap
Yummy avocado veggie wrap. Looks beautiful doesn’t it? Oh and I did have an apple too!

After talking my parents ears off about my news (I often talk a lot when I’m excited about something), I headed to the gym! Guess what day it was? Shoullllllderrrrr daaaaaaayyyyyy (okay I said this like Oprah, please re-read it and hear her say it in your head).

Ok I had to post this. Clearly the guy behind me did not read my blog yesterday about gym rules. JEANS! and JORTS at that! (jean shorts= jorts)
I had to post this. Clearly the guy behind me did not read my blog yesterday about gym rules. JEANS! and JORTS at that! (jean shorts= jorts)

My workout started with 32 minutes on the stairmaster. I absolutely killed those 32 minutes. The first 5 I didn’t hold on at ALL. Usually I can only do this 2 minutes max without a little bit of holding the machine for balance. But I rocked right through it. It ended up being over 200 floors total by the end of my 32 minutes! Crazy.

Shoulders were up next:

  • Smith Shoulder Press, 65 lbs, 8 reps x 2 sets, then 55 lbs, 10 reps x 2 sets
  • Smith shoulder shrugs, 125 lbs, 15 reps x 2 sets, then 145 lbs, 10 reps x 2 sets
  • Plate front raises, 25 lbs, 10 reps x 4 sets
  • Delt raises, 20 lbs each hand, 15 reps x 4 sets
  • Upright row, 15 lbs each hand, 12 reps x 2 sets with 8 pulses after each set, then 20 lbs each hand, 10 reps x 2 sets
  • Rotator cuff open and close, 20 lb weights, 12 reps x 4 sets
  • Shoulder shrugs, 35 lbs each hand, 12 reps x 4 sets
  • Plate circles (you circle the plate around the back of your head neck and shoulders), 25 lb plate, 10 reps x 2 sets
  • Lateral raises, 8 lb kettles, 12 reps x 4 sets
  • Front raise hold with pulses, 8 lb kettles. Hold weights up for 5-7 seconds (this is tough, watch your wrists), then pulse for 8. 4 sets.
  • Pushups, 2 sets on the bosu 10 reps, 2 sets on the bench, 10 reps

I also did some side bends, torso twists, and squats in between some of my sets!

Finished with a 10 minute elliptical session flushing out the legs.

Then I packed my stuff up and went to pick up my baby girl. Please enjoy my leaving picture and how awesomely awkward it is! I laughed at myself when I saw it. Am I a gladiator? Why am I posing like that? I look like a doofus!

Ready to pull out my battle sword it seems...
Ready to pull out my battle sword it seems…

I snacked on some almonds in the car, I was pretty hungry because I forgot about meal #4. At home I made a quick dinner which included a pork chop with a Mexican salt free seasoning, and lots of veggies I bought at the store.

Pork chop! Just placed in the oven with the seasoning. Simple din din
Pork chop! Just placed in the oven with the seasoning. Simple din din

Meal #6 was a vanilla casein shake. I made it a double since meal #4 didn’t really happen besides the almonds.

Leg day coming at me later.

Have a great day, enjoy this Saturday!

SkinnyMinnie is really gonna MOVE! new apartment here I come
SkinnyMinnie is really going to MOVE! New apartment here I come

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. amyt

    Congrats on the new place!!! I LOVE a big kitchen!!!! I LOL’d when I saw the gym pic with that guy before I even read your caption – I was thinking she was just talking about that!!! I subscribed to awkward gym moments on facebook – they post the funniest videos of ppl at the gym! I’m pretty lucky – I have my own gym (we have a smith machine)…have just about every piece of equipment you can think of (my hubby has been lifting for years) We have 2300 square foot building, and turned one of the rooms into a gym – lucky girl..I can go any time I want, and doesn’t matter what I look like. Only downfall – no ac or heat…and I live in FL (there for we named it the shed of pain) I actually love the summer part of it..it’s the winter I hate – hard to get a sweat on. Anyway – I know you’ll love have a gym at your fingertips – it’s awesome!!!! On another note – you’re liking the 6 meals? I’ve always heard it’s better for you – you’re constantly full….?? Congrats again!!! šŸ™‚

    1. Katie

      THanks Amy! I am making it sound like it’s a HUGE kitchen, lol but really it’s just a long countertop and nice lights. Definitely an upgrade for me though. I can’t wait. That’s so nice about having a gym! Definitely a plus. I could easily workout here in my apartment gym all the time but I actually like getting out and going to a public gym. I would die without AC though. I grew up in an ice box. My mom always had it running!

  2. Sarah C

    Yay congrats on the new place!! That’s awesome! I was just talking to my husband today about possibly moving soon too! We will see. I can’t wait to try those blueberry oatmeal muffins. They look like they’d be a great breakfast side! Enjoy the new place and the huge kitchen! šŸ™‚

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