Ferocious Friday

Happy Friday!

So for those of you wanting to know what it’s really like in my house, it goes a little something like this…






That one moment in time where both dogs were still… although you can see Hazels tail is a blur. She’s a happy little pup! 

Okay, this sounds harsh because they are both really good dogs. Phoebe is an angel for putting up with Hazel. I call her the “Bull in a China Shop” or “The Wrecking Ball”. They are just VERY different. Phoebe is all chill and relaxation, with periods of wackiness thrown in that are hilarious. Hazel is a torpedo that jumps on and off the couch cushions at lightening speed and then swats Phoebe to get her attention. She’s never made direct contact with Phoebe because let’s face it, my Pomeranian would eat her alive 😉 The thing is, Hazel wants to play SO BAD and Phoebe wants no part of it. Phoebe is just like her mother. We like space and we like our bubble. Like I’ve said all this week, things change, so Miss Buffay will just have to adapt. Hazel is a puppy, so she’ll grow out of puppy turbo speed, right?

Tony and I have been very happy that Hazel’s only issue is her energy. We’ve had her 2 months and she is trained to go outside, rarely has an accident inside (only if we leave her for longer than we thought). We crated her for a while when we were gone, but the howls became too much. Little by little we started testing the waters and leaving her out. She’s done an excellent job. No chewing, hasn’t destroyed the house, and hasn’t injured her sister, so overall we’ve been very lucky. If only they would get along! I pictured Phoebe snuggling up to Hazel on the couch, all cozy. WOW, did I paint that picture completely wrong. I bet G-Mama is laughing reading this… 😉 Not to mention Phoebe was always “my baby, and Mamas boo bear”. Yes, she’s ticked off there’s someone else I love, but Tony grew on her.

Yesterday we had our tasting, and it was everything and more than I could have imagined. I mean I had it in my head they would serve us one of each thing, maybe our own, maybe to split. OH NO. There was enough for 6 people or more. I felt shameful because I obviously wanted to try everything, so I just took a bite of each. I just felt like it was such a waste of beautiful and delicious food to only take a bite. I guess Tony had his fair share though 😉

And then, there was cake 😉

We took it home because there was no way we were prepared to try all of those!

I think we picked good ones. Then I decided to be “good” at home since I didn’t have time to go to the gym.  We bought a spin bike when we moved into our house, so I ended up using that. Did you know they have full spin sessions on You Tube? I had no idea! I picked a HIIT one and got in a great sweat. I guess you could call it the “meat sweats” 😉

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you back on Monday!



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