Like Old Times

Hi everyone. I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

Over here, Tony and I had a weekend like old times. Before he worked down at the port, he had a normal 9-5 Monday through Friday job,  so most of our weekends were wide open (with the exception of a weekend day here or there that I would work). Now he works crazy hours and I’m so proud of how hard he works for our future.

This weekend he was completely off (no it wasn’t planned, we never really know), but he said there is a good chance he’d be off. We ran with it and did things like our early dating days.

On Saturday we headed to Georgetown in D.C. My first mission was accomplished within 15 minutes. I was on the hunt for my wedding heels and knew exactly what I had in mind. Here’s a hint for my future brides, DON’T order online. I purchased a pair of beautiful Badgley Mischkas only to find out that ivory meant “pale antique yellow”. Yeah, no thanks. Some brides order in mass quantities then just keep what they like and return, but it makes me extremely nervous ordering that much. I’d rather just see it in person.

Funny thing is, what I had in mind ended up not being the shoes I purchased. I found something I thought I’d never wear. Who knew expensive well made heels were actually comfortable? I guess a lot of people, and I’m the last to know.

Next up came an unsuccessful lunch (okay it sucked). This was the only good thing and it was a free starter. Some kind of chip that I called funnel cake chips because they were sweet with some sort of icing.

If you ever visit the area, I highly suggest going to Georgetown. It’s a beautiful part of town, tons of fun shops and a few cupcake places!

We hit up the Washington Sports Club in Georgetown for our gym session. When Tony and I first started dating we’d pick a driveable town, explore a little, eat lunch, and find a gym. We hadn’t done it in ages so it brought back those new love feels. We all know those 🙂

Tony is very serious when he lifts. He makes all the faces and I giggle 😉

By the way I finally got my little paws on one of those Puppies shirts! I’ve been wanting one for ages and they always sell out. I had an email alert set for stock because obviously I needed a Buffay tank.

Our date continued onto Sunday and I was so excited because this is an EXTREMELY rare occasion. We hit a different Golds that Tony has never been to about 30 minutes away where we both did legs and I’m sure later today I will be limping.  After, we had a healthier lunch than the previous day, and I had this awesome yummy raspberry mandarin Fresca.

Balance, right? I’ll be getting to the balance thing this week.

Here’s where it really picked up and I’m sure I’m late to the game on this.

We are not movie theater people. I am perfectly fine waiting for a movie to come out in the comfort of my own home. I think the last movie we saw was Southpaw and when I looked it up it came out in 2015! I’m hoping that was December…

However, being that I was 5 or 6 when the original came out, it’s safe to say I loved this movie as a kid. Like every other brunette kid out there, I was Belle for Halloween and met her in Disney. Somewhere is a picture of me missing about 4 teeth, standing next to Belle and then again with The Beast (my mom had to come with me on that one).

I will say if you haven’t seen it you’re definitely missing out. It’s done beautifully. I loved the costumes and I felt they stuck to the story 100%. This is what I wanted to see. All the original songs and then some (Belle is my favorite song- the opener). I even got a little teary eyed in the opening because it just reminded me of good times from my childhood.

Old, young, or in between you can’t go wrong. I can’t wait to rewatch it with my mom.

Anyway, now that I’ve blabbed on sounding like the movie is paying me to write this (believe me they don’t need it!), I’m gonna sign off for the day. The puppies are whining 😉

Have a great Monday!



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