Get Off Your Bum and MOVE

Practice what you preach. Isn’t that what they always say?

I would be a complete hypocrite if I sat here and said okay guys what did you do this week? Did you stay on track? Eat your veggies! I’m human, I have things happen to me, I have slip ups, I make mistakes (whether extremely large or small), and it takes me a while to lift my head and move on. So this week, and frankly a lot of this month, I have not been the Skinny Minnie we all know and (hopefully) love.

Looking back on my BIO I talk about PA school and how I yo-yo dieted, and couldn’t keep consistency. You guys see a part of me with this blog. Yes I write my workouts and sometimes what I eat through out the day, but in order for me to stay this way I have to work EXTREMELY HARD. Every single day I have to make smart choices, push myself to go to the gym, and opt to take the steps over the elevator at work. I know how long it took me to achieve my shape and how much time I had to put in, so I absolutely refuse to go back to my old ways because it’ll be that much harder to get back again. As I was reading I found inspiration from my own words. As a blogger, I write so much that I forget what I say. In fact, I was once on a website and saw a recipe for peanut ginger chicken and I said oh my gosh that looks good, turns out it was my own… 😉

Anyway, I say to get up and MOVE. SkinnyMinnieMoves right? Yes she does. She moves past the funk, she moves over the obstacles, and she moves and gets her butt in the gym. There were a few things over the past couple days that struck me and made me realize I should be grateful for everything I have.

  1. I was driving home and I saw a car that said we just picked up our marine. He was in the passenger seat, chomping into a big chick fil-a sandwich. He looked over at me and I just stared. This guy is fighting for our country and I’m complaining? Wow I need to reevaluate my life.
  2. A post I made on Instagram about negative comments I sometimes receive. The amount of love and positive comments I was written blew my mind. I realized with this blog I really do inspire people and I can make a difference, even if it’s simple things like getting people to meal prep.

Feeling lost and looking for some sort of motivation, last night I saw on Instagram that the Mr. Olympia (bodybuilding contest) was streaming live on I ended up watching a good chunk of it. I saw physique, some of figure, and then bikini. Let me tell you, I was definitely motivated. These women have INSANE bodies. I have to work so hard to keep my shape, I cannot imagine how hard they work to look like this:


This is Ashley Kaltwasser, last night she was crowned the 2013 Bikini Olympia Champion. The favorite ended up coming in 6th, and the crowd actually booed. But this girls body, holy moly. Actually in this picture she is more muscular than she was last night. The judges do not like a lot of muscle apparently, so that 6 pack she has in the picture? GONE! She just had a flat and toned tummy. I need to look into how exactly she did that…

So after stalking her online a little while I found this really cool article  which is a “fridge peek”. I love stuff like this. It shows us what she eats to look this incredible. Nothing out of the ordinary or shocking. Eggs, unsweetened almond milk, lean meats, stevia, protein pancakes, sweet potatoes, etc. The only thing that I don’t use is something called Muscle Eggs. This is liquid egg white protein that comes in a bunch of different flavors. You can use it as a shake or add it to things. I think I might try it! Something different ya know?

Here are a few pictures of her fridge:

I was also happy to see some sugar free cool whip in there! A girl after my own heart! I love sugar free cool whip, and I’m often guilty of just eating it out of the container… whoops.

By the way, Phoebe is great, in case you were wondering! She is being her normal “pay attention to me” self. Did I tell you guys we are going to do obedience school? I can’t wait! October 13th we start 🙂



Enjoy your Weekend!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


P.S. If you are a JT fan, the 2nd half of the 20/20 experience comes out on Monday, but you can listen to it for FREE on iTunes now! It’s AMAZING! I like it better than the first half. 🙂 Oh JT…

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