Glute Circuit

Hi friends!

As you know I’m in Seattle right now, sipping on that fresh roasted coffee and enjoying time with my best friend Sarah. Just because I’m away doesn’t mean I’m not working out! Sarah and I have tons of plans to get in some workouts together. I’m lucky to have a super active best friend, along with a bodybuilder boyfriend. We keep each other motivated.

So I thought I’d keep the motivation moving onto you guys, with a glute circuit workout I did the other night. Big thanks to my guy for taking some of these photos!

First, I like to start by opening up the hips and doing some light leg/glute/hip work. These resistance bands I bought off of Amazon are a perfect warmup idea for leg days. They really activate your muscles. They come in 4 different strengths, but I tend to use the heavier 2. I walk in and out to open the hips. Then I throw in some squats. A few sets of 10 or 12 will do.



My favorite exercise is a squat in plie style. The toes are slightly pointed outwards and as you squat down and back up you are really getting a squeeze in the glute.



Now is where the fun starts! Each exercise is 10-12 reps. Complete one set of each until you finish
one huge round in a circuit. I repeat the WHOLE circuit 3-4 times for a burning glute workout.

Glute bridges with feet up on a stability ball. Using the stability ball also works your core.



Hamstring stability ball extensions. Keep the stability ball under your feet, roll it out away from you using your feet, then back in. Keep your glutes TIGHT.



Glute bridges with a weight. I used a 25 pound plate.


Glute kickbacks. Squeeze at the top. Do 10-12 each leg


Glute triangles. Basically here you are extending the leg from one side to the other. I raise back up in the middle for an extra pump. Try to do as many rounds as you can, but do at least 3! The more you
do, the better those glutes will look!




If you want to do this at home you certainly could. You can use a small stool or chair for the glute bridges, rags for the hamstring extensions (instead of the ball), and then just use something weighted
instead of a plate for the other glute bridges.

Remember, just because you don’t have a gym, doesn’t mean you can’t workout. There is a substitution and solution for everything!

If you want to follow my FUN times in Seattle I’ll be active on Snap Chat! Follow me at katiekoblinsky 🙂

Have a great day! I’ll see ya tomorrow with an informative blog!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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