Happy PA Week!

Happy Physician Assistant (PA) week to all the PA’s out there! Especially my awesome co-workers, AND the only two people I still talk to from PA school (DiPeppe and Jill). I have never worked in an office where I laugh so hard. Too bad I can’t stay in there all the time, but things need to be done on the floors.

For those of you who really do not understand what PA’s do, chances are you saw a PA when you were sick or in the hospital and didn’t know it. We do pretty much everything a doctor does! I’m so proud that I am a PA. I worked EXTREMELY hard in graduate school to be where I am. It didn’t come easy to me like it did for some people and if asked what is harder maintaining my shape or PA school I wouldn’t even bat an eye. PA school hands down. I can diet and workout, but the mental game and long nights studying while in school was torturous. But anyway, it was all worth it and I’ve grown so much as a PA since I graduated. I started with delivering babies, then moved onto general surgery. As you guys know I absolutely love the operating room and hope I get to spend more time there soon. It’s fun taking things out and sewing people up (gross I know).

Also, today marks ONE YEAR that Phoebe and I have been together! I picked her up October 7th and she changed my life for the better. I have been a Mommy for one whole year, wow how time flies. I love my little girl so much 🙂

This is a throw back picture to when she first started taking post gym pictures with me. My arms have really grown.

making a special appearance in my post gym pics!


I went from scrawny to a little muscle machine!


Thank you squats!

Anyway, yesterday I did back and shoulders again since a few days ago I slacked on it a bit. I also did my cardio: 20 minute stairs, 25 minute spin bike. Then I went back to my moms, ate lunch, and headed back home for a needed nap before dinner and meal prep time. Unfortunately this headache I’ve had? Well it’s turning into a sickness. NOT AGAIN! I was just deathly ill in July. Remember when I couldn’t move for a good 5 days? It took all my energy to move my recliner to my computer area so I could watch big brother feeds from my Mac (winner).

So that’s why my blog is super short today. Trying to rest as much as possible because I have a long work week ahead and I need to make sure this sickness doesn’t linger.

Have a great Monday, make it a good one 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


P.S. Just to CLARIFY. I never said I was a doctor or that it is the exact same thing… MANY of my readers are international, they don’t have PAs and don’t understand what I do. I just compared out of simplicity.

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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Oh no!! I hope you get to feeling better! I hate that feeling when you realize what is really going on, I thought I might have been coming down with a cold all weekend, to my surprise I’m not sick! I usually end up sick when I’m stressed out, and I’ve been stressed since the beginning of last week.
    Anywho Happy PA day! And Happy 1 year anniversary to you and Phoebe 🙂

    1. Katie

      I hope I turn out like you! Not really sick… but I was coughing all this morning. wah!

  2. ariel

    happy PA week! i have mad respect for all of you. also, happy 1 year anni with phoebe! furry children are such little blessings!
    your arms are seriously awesome! i mean, they were before too, but now you’re a gun totin’ mama for sure haha!
    feel better and have a great week! 😀

  3. Barb

    There is for sure a difference between a PA and a doctor haha….

    1. Katie

      Hmmmm I’m not sure how to take this, and I sincerely hope you are not downing my profession

      1. Allison

        Why would you take that as an insult? There is a big difference between a doctor and a PA. you shouldn’t take offense to that. Your career is still an accomplishment. I’m a NP so I know the difference and I think it’s great that you are a PA. But there is still a big difference between PA and MD.

        1. Katie

          Many of my readers are international, I compared for simplicity because even if I said similar to an NP, they wouldn’t know that either.

  4. tam

    Ahh no, hope you feel better soon hun, Being ill can be so annoying. Relax and take soon time out if you can! All the best Tam x (your arms look great by the way!)

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