Who Are You?

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I felt really bad after I left the gym (sore throat) so I tried resting. I actually had started my blog at lunch time, so this is just going to pick up as if I am talking about Monday!


Yesterday morning I woke up at a reasonable time for work, versus what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been tempting fate a bit and rolling out of bed at 5:25 and rushing out the door by 5:35. Well I saw 5:08 on the clock and said okay Phoebs, let’s not scramble around like fools this morning. I felt like I was dragging a bit, so I put on a small pot of coffee. I normally don’t do this anymore, I wait till I get to work to have some so I don’t over do it. Something told me Katie have the coffee. Boy I’m glad I did!

When I got to work there was a minor emergency in the ER and the hand surgeon needed an assistant so I jumped right in. 4 hours later my body was hungry, but it was thanking me for the coffee to keep me awake! Especially when you need to concentrate and you’re dealing with teeny tiny vessels and nerves in the arm. Some people don’t believe me, but I know 100% I have some sort of a sixth sense. I’ve always felt that way, and my sister is the same way. I can sometimes predict weird things, or just get “a feeling”. Gifted I guess! It reminds me of the episode of Friends where Phoebe won’t go to the dentist because every time she goes someone dies, so she calls everyone she knows to make sure they are alive. If I get a bad vibe about something, I do this. I call people I care about and say be careful, I don’t care if they think I’m crazy! My gut is never wrong.

As the day went on, I said happy PA day/week to my coworkers and it got me thinking about who I really am as a person. We all are a lot of things, have many titles we carry, branded with stereotypes etc. Here is a short list of important things that make me Who I Am:

  1. Fitness Blogger
  2. Healthy Cook and meal prepper extraordinare
  3. Proud Mommy to Phoebe Buffay
  4. Exercise and lifting DIVA
  5. Daughter, Sister, Aunt to an amazing family (and sister to Shelby Ann!)
  6. Surgery PA
  7. Close Friend (I only have a few friends and they are CLOSE friends, not big on acquantainces)
  8. Timberlake addict
  9. Super speedy texter
  10. Instagram and selfie lover


These are just the things off the top of my head. I know some things are superficial, but it makes me who I am, so I don’t care if they are silly.

My gym workout was 30 minutes on the step mill and then biceps. I was really sweating, more than normal and I know it was because I am coming down with something. During my workout, I felt extra thick… just having one of those days. I looked in the mirror and was thinking to myself oh my gosh I am too beastly and I’ve lost my feminine qualities. I think it was more in my head, although pictures do not lie…


Also, I’ve been at it 10 days straight, so I think I’m swollen and need a rest day for these muscles! So that’s what I did on Terrible Tuesday, which wasn’t THAT terrible, I’ve had worse ones.

So on Tuesday, I went home, grabbed my pup and we rested because my throat was bothering me. All I want when I have a sore throat is a big giant fluff. I made one on Monday night with my last frozen banana and had to toss it because a piece of plastic got in there somehow that was stuck to ice. Because my vitamix pretty much blends concrete, I thought to myself whats that noise? I took a bite and there was a huge chunk of something white (have no idea what it was). So down the drain it went 🙁 Major bummer. I ended up making one without the banana and it wasn’t creamy at all. Fluffs need the banana! Luckily Tuesday night I had one with frozen banana and it was awesome 🙂

I’m hoping this sickness comes and goes. I can’t repeat what happened in July. Come on body, don’t fail me!


The rainbow I walked out to when I left the gym Tuesday night!

Have a great day, see ya tomorrow 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Buff or not, your arms still look great :). I hope you’re feeling better!! I hate getting sick. The last time I was sick was in August, and it was right after school had started, and it ended up being for a month. I was not happy about missing workouts haha. Hopefully you can get right over this!! Have a great day, one more day 🙂

    1. Katie

      Thanks Chelsea! I don’t think this one will be as bad as last time (knock on wood), it’s just dry cough and scratchy

  2. Chance Whitlow


    Happy PA week to you! I just wanted to say thank you for your daily inspiration and your shared variety of healthy ideas to maintain healthy habits (esp. eating!). I was looking to find the lettuce rice paper wraps and found them under recipes towards the bottom (I think), but you have to be VIP to see it! How do I do this??
    I hope you beat the sickness, too!

    Oh! And also, I’m a Gold’s member as well. Btw, your Gold’s is WAY prettier than mine. Lucky duck! But I sometimes pop into a Body Pump class once or twice a week, because I am a bit scared (i know i know) to jump out on the floor by myself. I need someone to run me through exercises a few times before I’m comfortable. But anywho, getting back on track, I was wondering if you’ve ever done it before? And what you think of it in terms of being the main source of my weight training?

    Chance from VA (and yes, I’m a gal.Tehe)

    1. Katie

      Hi Chance (cute name!). Thanks for finding me! As far as the wraps go, they are actually LETTUCE wraps, not rice paper on my recipe list and it’s VIP recipes only for those who purchase a meal plan through me. It’s password protected for them, sorry.

      Body Pump I used to do every Tuesday and Saturday before I started heavy lifting. I loved it, BUT I wasn’t seeing muscle gains and I didn’t like the fact that it is a whole body workout. I prefer splitting up my muscle groups daily and working them individually because I see the most progress that way. But if you want an overall workout for the day, I think Body Pump is great.

  3. Chance Whitlow

    Thanks for the quick response! Ohh, maybe I will look into having a meal plan from you. Are there details for costs somewhere? I swear I thought in one of your posts you used rice paper?

    Yeah, I usually use that as my entire workout when I do do the class. But you’re right, sometimes I feel like I need more work after it for certain muscles!

    1. Katie

      There is a tab called custom meal plans if you want to read all about what I offer!

    2. Katie

      And yes I use rice paper for other wraps. I just load it up with whatever veggies I have in the fridge. Usually spinach, cabbage, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, etc.

  4. Angie

    I hope you feel better soon!! Happy PA week, keep up the great attitude!!

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