“Here Come the Meat Sweats”

Only one of the best lines ever from my favorite Thanksgiving Friends episode! The One With the Rumor AKA The One With Brad Pitt. Joey and those maternity pants. Gets me every darn time!

In case you were wondering, yes I pulled them all out of my DVD set just like I did last year. It’s my little tradition. And then I also DVRed them all since there was a marathon on TBS Thanksgiving morning. Can’t say no to Friends!


Did I workout Thanksgiving morning? No I did not. I worked out pretty hard the night before. I did a full body workout in about 70 minutes and burned around 600 calories. Intrigued? Here it is for you!


I did each round back to back, so repeating the exercises 4 times in a row, but not the cardio! It’s 30 minutes total of cardio. I was sweating my tail off! Use the weight you like, but for squat and leg related exercises I did a 50 lb bar! Phew.

Back to my Thanksgiving morning. I started with coffee and preparing a little treat to bring to my sisters house.


I added these “nog drinks” to my coffee. You can find them near the other creamers and such, but usually around the holidays there is a section dedicated to holiday type products. It’s normally at the end of the milk aisle or on one of the end aisles that is refrigerated. So look for them!


I made these while sipping my coffee. Little pilgrim hats and turkeys! Thank you Pinterest 🙂

I also made a flex bowl for breakfast. I added half coconut milk and half coconut nog which was REALLY good. Add it to your oats. Unbelievable!


It was finally time to get dressed. I like looking nice on holidays.



And don’t forget my little butterball!


I had a lovely dinner at my sisters house. Nothing super crazy, but I did enjoy some biscuits! Oh baby 🙂


Phoebe stayed at G-Mama and Pop Pops, but I received puppy love from this little one. This is Marley!


She loves to cuddle. Phoebe normally just slaps me in the face 😉

So just a small little Thanksgiving for me this year. I will be hitting the gym hard this morning and then have a day of recipes ahead of me! Gotta love those freedom Fridays.

Will I be black Friday shopping? I cannot express this enough… NO FREAKING WAY! I hate crowds guys, it’s not for me. But if you are, have fun and be safe!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Kristin

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it. Thank you for the work out listings and your nutrition tips and tricks. I started weight lifting when I was 26 as part of a weight loss program while on WW. I lost the weight before my wedding and have lost even more over the years. I have lifted fairly regularly over the years and ate well 80 % of the time. I look better now at 42 than I ever did. Lifting heavy weight helps with maintaining a healthy weight and sculpting the body. I recently took up Bikram Yoga as a way to improve flexibility and balance. Keep going. You look great – strong and healthy.

    1. Katie

      Kristin, congrats on all your hard work! I did a post on Bikram Yoga that you might want to check out. Just search for it 🙂 It’s just a little review and my thoughts!

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