Here’s What I Can Tell You

Hi Everyone.

Here’s What I Can Tell You.

I’m sorry for not updating regularly. I’ve just been enjoying my new space and life. I’ve been loving gym time and NOT having a headache all day every day. I’m smiling, I’m laughing, I’m even letting random people spot me in the gym. YES, ME!


Happiness came to a halt on Saturday night (Valentines Day). What did I get? Well my gift was a love bug.

Nope, not a cute love bug…

A lovely little stomach bug!!!

Yeah, it’s been going around here unfortunately. The worst of it lasted just a few hours, but I still feel a little “icky” all over. Phoebe kept me company on the couch though.



I was able to get my gym session done on Sunday, but I took it a little easy. No crazy leg days or mega sweat sessions. I’m not sure my body could’ve handled it and frankly I didn’t want to find out if it could.

I did get in a little ab work which probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but I stuck to oblique work instead of regular abs that would upset my stomach.


Here I am doing side planks dipping my hip down and up (also works the glutes). At the end of each set I lift one leg up and hold it as long as I can (the picture). FEEL THE BURN!

As far as the diet goes, you guys know I am a cake batter freak. My favorite flavor of whey is Cellucor’s cor-fetti cake batter (seriously it’s the only one I use now), and I’ve been begging Quest to come out with a cake batter bar for years! C’mon guys work with Minnie here…


Anyway Muscle Egg FINALLY released a cake batter flavor and it’s pretty delicious. You can do many things with this (pancakes, muffins, whatever you use egg whites for), but I like drinking it straight.  It’s just liquid egg whites and some flavoring. Yum! Please excuse the crazy eyes in the picture, I was a tad excited… 

Today I am hoping to hit legs… as long as my body agrees with me. ALWAYS remember to listen to your body and treat it nicely. It’s the only one you have 🙂

IMG_6009.PNG Source

Have a great Monday!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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  1. amyt

    mmm LOVE cake batter anything!! Muscle egg?!?! hmmm have not heard of this!!! Do you order it? How long does it last? I’m not sure I could finish it off…… I go in spurts with shakes and such (I prefer protein bars – quest ftw) Speaking of quest…..Do you like their protein powder?? I have yet to try it.

    1. Katie

      Yes I ordered it from the shipping can get you though 🙁 I know local vitamin shops sell them now, not positive about GNC yet but I’d check before ordering online!

      And I LOVE Quest powder. I’ve only tried the Vanilla, but my best friend said the peanut butter is fab. I like the vanilla because it is part casein so it’s thicker and makes a killer protein pudding!

      1. amyt

        Awesome thank you….I’ve been eyeballing the peanut butter one!

  2. Brianna E

    Cake batter flavored egg whites? Who woulda thunk.. I’ll look into that for sure.
    So glad to hear you’re so happy. It’s amazing what finding the right job can do for you!

  3. Ariel@happyhealthyfit

    Mmmmm . . . I am right there with you! Vanilla and cake batter are my two faves. And I don’t care how “vanilla” or basic that sounds lol 🙂

    1. Katie

      Hehe me too! I’m a vanilla girl ALL THE WAY.

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