Last Minute Shopping

Hey gang! Christmas is next week! For those of you who celebrate. Since yesterday was just work, gym, sleep for me I thought I’d throw together a quick last minute gift idea post. Or if you have no idea what to get someone, here’s what I’d want as a 29 year old woman who loves fitness!

A Starbucks gift card. Hey even if you are not 100% positive they drink coffee, they offer so much at Starbucks now. Teas, food, and more.

Quest bars. Seriously I would love if someone bought me a box of these. You know they’d go!

A Fabletics gift card. Considering a whole outfit is only $25 for first time buyers, it’s definitely an affordable gift!

Blender bottles, because lets be honest… how many did you start with and how many can you find right now? Exactly! We could all use more.

Bath and Body Works Candles. Okay so this is not my collection (mine is far bigger— YES, true story), but I just love their candles. Usually you can catch the sales and get 2 for $22 or 3 small ones for $15. People go crazy for the soaps and lotions but nowadays you have to be mindful of skin sensitivities. I use their hand soaps for my bathroom, but cannot use their body washes because I break out too easily. Candles are the safe bet. Plus, who doesn’t want something in their house that smells like a vanilla spiced cupcake?

Sephora makeup brushes. I always thought this was a good gift. Sometimes women can be guilty of not properly cleaning makeup brushes, and then they end up carrying icky bacteria. Start fresh, they aren’t that expensive!

Last year I gave my friends homemade almond butter! EASY, AFFORDABLE, and everyone loves something healthy and delicious!

A new gym duffle. You can get the one above for $25 bucks! Fill it with SOS gym supplies: face wipes, hair ties, deodorant, body spray, bandaids, socks, gum, chapstick, girly needs (tampons), a quest bar, multivitamins.

Or you could skip the duffle and just make the kit! I actually came up with this idea as I’m typing this and it’s a really cute idea šŸ™‚ VERY THOUGHTFUL!

Just some last minute ideas to make your life easier! Have a great weekend šŸ™‚

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. amyt

    Oh my goodness…I love that for the hair bands!!!! I keep my daughters in a ziplock baggy….LOL I have a “hair basket” but keep those in the ziplock….I LOVE this idea though!!!!

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