Let the Beat Drop

Hello everyone!

I received the nicest e-mail from a reader, Lisa, the other night and she asked what I’m listening to in the gym. Lately? Not much because I work out with my coach and we talk the whole time. Before he came along I listened to my music the entire workout. I still listen for cardio because let’s face it, coach bails after 10 minutes or so 😉

Cardio isn’t for everyone, plus he really doesn’t need to do it much. I secretly hate that…

Anyway, so here is what I’m listening to lately!

  1. The entire Iggy Azalea album, you know the new lady rapper that sings “Fancy”. I’m OBSESSED. Every single track is good, I highly recommend this one for the gym. ‘Impossible is Nothing’ is  a great track to lift your spirits for a warm-up. Also great tracks off this album: Work, Black Widow.
  2. Britney Spears songs- pretty much anything with a beat
  3. Ed Sheeran- Sing
  4. Eve- Tambourine
  5. Lil John- Work
  6. Murder- Justin Timberlake
  7. Dark Horse-Katy Perry (I really don’t get sick of this one)
  8. Animals- Martin Garrix
  9. Somethin’ Bad- Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood
  10. Helena- My Chemical Romance
  11. Shoop- Salt N Pepa
  12. Chandelier- Sia
  13. Whitney Houston’s Greatist Hits- Lots of fun remixes on this one! My favorite? I Wanna Dance with Somebody and My Love is Your Love
  14. Lady Gaga- Americano
  15. Christina Perri- Arms

So just a couple fun things. My cooldown music and slower songs are mostly The new Jason Mraz album “YES”- do yourself a favor and download ‘3 Things’ and the Boyz II Men Remake “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye”. Great tracks 🙂


 Yesterday at work I had another push-up contest with a doc I work with. Luckily it was chest day, so I was all for it!


What other woman do you know that will bust out 30 pushups in between work stuff? I guess I’m a rare breed. He’s always impressed too.

Even though yesterday was chest day, I couldn’t help but notice a little certain something is starting to come in nicely


Pretty proud of the fact that I’m not even flexing here. Watchout bikini, I’m coming for ya!

Back to chest, so what did we do yesterday? Well we stuck to the basics. Coach has me doing the hammer strength machines (where you pack on the plated weights without cables or pulleys). Frankly I hate those machines, but he says it’s how I will grow so I do it. Lots of chest presses and he has me working the incline which KILLS. I’m feeling it for sure this morning.

Today I hit back, one of my favorite days. I love a strong back and lifting heavier now makes me feel like a little female beast. And it’s Thursday so you know I’m in a good mood!

Who is not in a good mood? THIS ONE!


She cried this morning at 5:30 am when I left for work. It’s not like Phoebs to whine that early when I go, she knows Mommy has to pay for those puppy treats! I guess she didn’t want me to leave though. I say the same exact thing to her every morning when I close the door. “Bye Phoebs. Mommy loves you. You be good angel and use your pad. Mommy will see you tonight”. I guess I get it from my mom, she didn’t tell me to use “the pee pad” 😉 but she always called us angel.

Can’t wait to go home to see her later tonight and we can do our weekend dance!

Have a great day everyone

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



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  1. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne

    Okay I had no idea you can flex your butt! And you can definitely see where Coach’s training is making you grow! I can not wait to see what the end result is, Seriously, I have a feeling you are going to do so well at your next show :D!!! Have a great “Friday” :).

    1. Katie

      Oh yes you can lol. He always says flex your glutes… I’m like uhhhhh how do I do that. It’s all about control! HAHA

  2. Amy @ Dusty's Sister

    At one of my old jobs (super boring and lame) a couple co-workers and I would bust out push-ups every hour on the hour. It was kind of fun and helped to break up the day! Keep killin’ the boys!!

    1. Katie

      That’s awesome Amy! Lady beast

  3. tamsin

    Your coach is definitely doing his job well! I love the push up challenges you do at work, moves the day along I bet! Nice playlist, loving Ed Sheerans new album at the moment, great to relax to… Have great weekend! Tam 🙂

    1. Katie

      I should download more of his stuff! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Lisa Rementer

    Thank you!! Definately adding some of them to the playlist. Maybe I’ll try squeezing in some push ups in between patients! You’re looking great! So excited for you

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