Mexico- Part 4, Saying Goodbye

Hi everyone!

Today I round up my adventures in Mexico. I had such a wonderful time with my friend Sarah.


Since this is a fitness blog, I have to touch on working out. Now I firmly believe in enjoying your vacation, but it doesn’t mean you have to do nothing the whole week you were there. I worked out two out of four days, nothing HUGE, but it was just enough to make me feel good and not miss out on any of the relaxation and fun.


One morning I hit the gym for fasted cardio outside before Sarah and I did breakfast. They had spin bikes outside so I did about 30 minutes. They were really old bikes, but it did the job and the view was nice. I ended up watching people play tennis.



Wednesday night Sarah and I decided to get in a lift. We did shoulders and I showed her how to drop set/ rack run.

Here’s a list of what we did, but you can actually watch a video Sarah did over at her blog. She does a really cool feature called Workout Wednesday!

  • Warm-up with light weights, different shoulder variations
  • Drop set lateral shoulder raises. Start with 6 reps as heavy as you can go, then 8 reps working your way down the rack until you get to 5 lb dumbbells.
  • Rear delt crossovers using the cables
  • Cable front delt raise using the rope attachment. Raise the rope up through the legs to shoulder height.
  • Shoulder presses with dumbbells



We had a lot of fun, goofed off as usual, and felt the burn.



But let me tell you what happened after…

Earlier in the day Sarah said “thank god there are no bats around”. I didn’t really think much of it, but I agreed. As we got off the elevator something flew in our faces (it was 10:45 at night), we started to run and it followed us. Screaming I ducked down into a ball covering my head. Sarah grabbed my arm and said let’s go back on the elevator, but I found a door and hid behind it where I was found crying by Sarah. Yes, we got attacked by a bat and it was NOT FUN. The more you scream and freak out the more it attacks you. Luckily we weren’t bitten or anything like that, but I may be traumatized for life.

ALSO, for those of you not aware, I am extremely terrified of birds. The bat thing definitely didn’t help. It’s the flapping motion that gets me all riled up. At one point in the vacation I told Sarah: “ya know there aren’t too many birds here” THANK GOD. But leave it to me to be the one attacked not once, but twice by a winged creature. One day at the pool a bird decided to swoop down on my head and flap it’s wings. I pretty much screamed bloody murder and the whole resort turned around. It’s embarrassing, but funny for everyone else I guess…

To top it off, vultures sat on our floor by one end of the elevators. I made Sarah walk the other way a few times because I was so scared. One day we walked out of the room and she said to me “don’t look up, just GO”. Well you certainly don’t have to tell me twice. I knew what it meant. So I ran. Evidently that vulture was sitting outside our room. It’s like they know… They smell my fear!

Besides that we had a blast. Of course it’s things I can look back at and laugh. I mean who else is attacked by a bat and bird in one vacation?

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the resort, it was breathtaking and unreal. Everyday we hit the pool and beach. Here are some more random pictures I left out! Including a monokini I bought! Yeah I decided to try that one out.





Our last night there we enjoyed watching the sunset. It was so beautiful. Of course leave it to the fitness bloggers to do fit girl moves!






What an AWESOME shot of Sarah 



I was sad to watch the sunset on our last night because I knew that meant the sun was setting on our vacation and fun together. It’s so hard to have such a dear friend on the other side of the country, but it makes the time together more special.


The morning I left I sobbed hugging her before I got in the taxi. Goodbyes are never fun, but it was not goodbye, it was until next time!


If you have a friend out there like this, do everything in your power to keep that friendship strong. It makes you a better person. I never take it for granted.

I hope you enjoyed my adventures. I’ll see you Monday!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,





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  1. Ali

    Bat attack sounded awful! Something worth noting– you may want to consider getting the series of rabies shots– I realize you weren’t bitten, but bats are the only animal for which the shots are recommended post-exposure, even without a bite. Not trying to alarm you, just something worth considering. Confirm on UpTo Date.

    1. Katie

      It didn’t touch us at all. We talked about it but realized it would be worse to do it. Thanks for looking out though 🙂

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