Minnie’s “mini” update

Hi guys! Quick update as I don’t have access to the things I normally do. I’ve been taking pictures on both my iPhone and blog camera, so all I’m able to share as of right now is a pic or two from my camera!

I’m having the TIME OF MY LIFE! I never want to come home. These are my people. Everyone here gets me. I can be quite the introvert and shy when meeting new people, but hey I’m a blogger. All bloggers are like this!

I’ve been meeting so many great people, hearing inspiring stories, and getting in great workouts. Let’s not forget the yummy food! Yes I am eating it and it’s healthy and delicious 🙂

I plan on doing full updates on my days here this coming week, breaking down each day to share with you guys. I have so much to say!

For now here’s 2 pics of me enjoying the conference.



me trying the new quest bar! NOT EVEN OUT YET GUYS! Mmmmm white chocolate raspberry

More to come soon!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. tam

    ooo I just heard about that new quest bar and it sounds so good. What does it taste like, did they mention when it will become available? Glad your having a great time, Have Fun!! Tam x

    1. Katie

      I think at the end of this week or next week!

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