Monday Catch Up

Hey friends! Happy Monday 🙂

It feels good to be back on the horse 😉 In case you missed it… I posted on Friday about getting my normal life back together in the midst of the craziness at home and work.

Yesterday Tony and I slept in and after we slugged it around the house a bit. After sitting there for way longer than I anticipated I said “we are leaving this house today”. We leave the house everyday… believe me we don’t lay around and do nothing. It seems like we are always on the go, but it’s usually to the gym, grocery store, work, and back. I wanted to actually GET OUT of the house without going to the gym.

Our good friend Hannah was in Baltimore with her husband volunteering at a Jazz Festival so I said “let’s go”.

We did! And we had a great time with our friends.



Yes, there was food everywhere. No, none of it was healthy. Yes, there was free beer and wine to be had. No, we didn’t have any of it. Am I contradicting myself from my last post saying don’t deprive? Not really. There was nothing there I absolutely wanted to have. Plus, we decided it was a good day to take a rest day from the gym. A nice lazy Sunday I suppose. I usually take a rest day on a work day, but I hadn’t in a while, and I wanted a REAL rest day.

Later, we headed to Nalley Fresh. Our favorite salad place that’s customizable. I would say this is the place that Tony and I go out to eat most often, besides the Mexican treat splurge.


Today I’m back to my normal gym flow. Tony has been doing fasted cardio in the mornings. I’ve been asked to join on several occasions, but I always turn it down. Fasted cardio is too much like a chore to me; it feels like prep, and I do NOT want to be reminded of those days. I’ve chosen to do the workouts that make me happy and feel accomplished, not the workouts I feel forced to do.


And things are coming along nicely!

I plan on hitting my favorite muscle group today, SHOULDERS! I found this move while browsing Pinterest and I am going to incorporate it into today’s workout! Something new 😉

But first… I’m hitting the pool with Hannah!

Have a great Monday 🙂

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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