My How Time Flies

Hey gang!

Here I sit realizing it’s February 11th. Here I sit looking to my left, where our huge bakers rack sits that is supposed to be clear by today… I told Tony I’d stick to my plan.

I’m staring at it…

I have about 30 days to pack EVERYTHING UP and I feel the anxiety rush through me from head to toe. Last time I made the “big move” I was moving from apartment to apartment, just across the street and 3 years ago I had a lot less stuff. Who knew one person (well, now two) could accumulate so many things in such a small space?

Plus Miss Buffay has all of her puppy things!


As the big day approaches we are over the moon with excitement. The fact that our living room is about the size of my apartment is going to be quite the change, but change is good.

But anyway, back to fitness related things. What have I been doing lately? Well, if you are familiar with Dana Linn Bailey I’ve been doing her awesome “Run Everything Labs” workouts. THEY ARE TOUGH. REALLY TOUGH. When you look at some of the days you think “four exercises? that’s it”, Yeah… four exercises to equal 600 reps! My biceps hurt for a good week after this one:

I really wanted something to get me excited about lifting again. For a while there I had lost myself, lost my desire to push and finish, and lost any excitement for the gym. These workouts are slowly getting me back on track.

This is today’s! Wish me luck… ouch.

I’m also excited that I’m finally back to blogging and if you are a blogger too, I HOPE to see you at Blog Fest in LA in July. I will be there with my better halves x 2 (Tony AND Sarah) and I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a yummy recipe. Here’s a sneak peek.


Sprinkles… did you expect anything else? 😉

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. Sarah

    OH MY GOSH I canNOT WAIT for the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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