My Round Up

Yes, it’s Wednesday and I’m just getting to my weekend roundup! Time is super short lately, so I’m trying to find balance in my life. Funny enough, I’ve never been happier with the way things are. I always hear my mom’s voice “It’ll all work out”. It really will. 🙂

Tony and I joined a new gym on Friday! This is now the third gym I have a membership at… whoops! Hear me out.

During prep I hid, so I would use the LA fitness near my parents house. I love the cardio equipment there so on days off I’ll still go there sometimes. Plus the sauna is crazy hot.

Golds, I’ve been a member since I was 17! I’m never letting that go. Plus, we have so many friends that go there. I still like to use the spin bikes and step mills.

Our new gym? It’s a warehouse. It’s serious lifters, and it’s… FIVE MINUTES from our place! Who could say no? The ONLY negative is there is no AC so you walk in and it’s like you walked in a steam room. Tony and I leave drenched.


The three gyms combined don’t even equal what some people pay for one, so I’m okay with it. Okay, you caught me… I’m trying to justify in my head having three gym memberships. I really do use them all though 😉

We are really enjoying it because people keep to themselves and a lot of the time it’s EMPTY!





Anyway, it’s been fun training at a new place and it’s a heck of a lot easier going down the street!

Saturday Tony and I went over to his Moms house for an end of the summer party. My parents came too! Anytime I can spend with my Mom and Dad is time I cherish. I’m so close with them 🙂


Phoebe got dropped off at their house so the puppies could play while we were all gone. You can kind of make out Phoebe’s little face here 😉 Before any type of party I need a Starbucks to get me going!


We were lucky the weather was beautiful out. Tony’s mom has a nice pool that I have yet to stick more than a toe in… maybe next summer.


The view was pretty darn nice though 😉



And just look at all the desserts! I told you guys they do it up big! In the middle next to the cake is my Oreo bark.


The recipe is HERE (or click on the pic below) for those of you who want to splurge. I think it’s definitely worth it. So easy and great for parties. There wasn’t any left!


My favorite part was when Tony came up to me and said “Do you want that Maryland Snowball you’ve been craving all summer long?” Uhhhhh what? WHERE?


One of Ton’y family friends has a Snowball maker, just like the stands! None of this small ice crusher stuff… as you see this looked like a darn wood chipper!


He had all the good flavors. Skylite for me please! Maryland snowballs are a staple around here. It’s basically crushed ice and flavored syrup. Sometimes we put melted marshmallow fluff on top or in the middle. You can find a snowball stand on any major street. I’m not sure how to exactly explain to you guys what Skylite tastes like. I’ve always just said “I don’t know it’s blue snowball flavored”. I wouldn’t call it blue raspberry. It’s just fruity and delicious. Just go with me on this one and if you ever travel to Maryland get a skylite!

Once again a great day with the person I thought I’d never find. Who knew good ones were out there, huh?


I’ll be back soon with some fitness updates and a workout!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


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  1. amyt

    Yum….we have Pelican SnoBalls….omg – sooooo good. They have so many flavors. My fav is blue rasberry and banana …… I get them together. If I get just one, I add cream……holy moly!

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